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Qatar World Cup – Human Problem

The article “Qatar World Cup: Stadium Builders Working in ‘Sub-Human’ Conditions” that appeared in The Telegraph on 6 April 2014 brought out the view that thousands of migrant laborers building facilities for the 2022 World Cup worked under deplorable conditions. I strongly agree with Jim Murphy’s position that many migrant workers are being exploited in Qatar. Their services are not valued because they do not receive the required compensation for their work. This explains why many deaths have already been reported among many migrant laborers working in Qatar. Cartels that are responsible for luring migrant workers into Qatar have completely neglected them in the country, and some of them have ended up confiscating their passports, hence restricting them from returning home.

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In this essay, I will utilize evidence to support Murphy’s position that thousands of migrant laborers working on 2022 World Cup facilities in Qatar work under subhuman conditions.

I strongly agree with Murphy’s assertion that most of these migrant workers are always lured into Qatar with the promise of high wages only to end up earning meagre wages that cannot sustain them in the country. It is worth noting that thousands of migrant laborers working on 2022 World Cup facilities are always subjected to long working hours under the scorching sun only to be paid 57p per hour. Stahl (2014) affirms that most of them could work for 24 hours per day without food. Managers are ruthless and do not listen to their problems, hence forcing them to live as beggars in Qatar. The worst thing is that the little wages that they are supposed to be paid are always withheld for months in some instances, hence denying these laborers the opportunity to enjoy it. The harsh working conditions under the scorching sun make it difficult for these workers to survive because they cannot access the basic needs required for their living in the country. Therefore, it would be vital for the football authorities such as the English FA and FIFA to consider this matter with utmost attention and address the minimum wage that these laborers are supposed to receive for their services in preparing Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

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Additionally, it is evident that many deaths have been reported because of the deplorable working conditions of many migrant laborers in Qatar. According to Gander (2014), as estimated, 1,200 migrant workers have died in their line of duty in Qatar 2022 World Cup facility improvement. The appalling working conditions that migrant laborers are subjected to have been massively responsible for the reported deaths. Authorities supervising these workers have not taken into consideration their plight and have allowed the streak of deaths to continue without finding a lasting solution. Most of these deaths have been reported among Indian and Nepalese migrant workers who make up the largest number of the migrant employees working in Qatar. Notably, most of them die from electrocution, difficult working conditions, and harassment in the workplace. The surprising fact is that they are usually beaten in some instances to ensure that they work according to the provisions of their bosses. Safety conditions at the workplace are not provided, hence exposing these workers to preventable deaths. Deaths have also been brought about by the dilapidated places that these workers are forced to live in. For example, some of them have been forced to live under such conditions where 12 people sleep in a single room, hence exposing them to diseases that lead to their death. Therefore, most of these employees have been exposed to deaths that have been prevented in instances where appropriate measures could have been put in place by the responsible authorities.

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Moreover, I agree with the fact that migrant laborers work under inhuman conditions as most of their employers confiscate their passports, hence restricting their return to home countries. Motaparthy and Segall (2012) reiterate that migrant workers have experienced unending challenges in terms of returning to their host countries because their employers limit them by keeping their passports away. The restriction of movement among these workers is an indication of the modern day slavery that migrant laborers have been exposed to in Qatar. Again, they are not always given identity cards (IDs), and that reduces them to the status of illegal aliens working in Qatar. The restriction of return to home countries is inhumane because it denies migrant laborers the opportunity to return to their countries and meet their families. It is always vital to give them a break and allow them to meet their families and friends after a long time of working in a foreign country. The denial of IDs and the confiscation of passports define the kind of slavery that migrant workers are exposed to hence making it difficult for them to work like normal employees would.

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The kafala employment system is Qatar has played an instrumental role in contributing to the subhuman working conditions for migrant laborers working on 2022 World Cup facilities. Pattisson (2013) reveals that the kafala employment system allows employers to hold the passports of employees, hence denying them the opportunity to leaving the country. The restrictive employment regime in Qatar has ensured that migrant workers continue to face suffering in their provision of services in the country.

Besides, I agree with Murphy’s assertion that football authorities such as the English FA and FIFA have a bigger role of alleviating the sufferings of these individuals. The responsibility lies not only on the Qatar government to ensure that migrant workers are being treated in the required manner. Murphy (2014) reiterates that the escalating cases of mistreatment among these workers means that football authorities must take the responsibility of stepping in to handle the problem. The corruption allegations must be investigated to ensure that these employees work under the best conditions possible. It is a time that these laborers are paid according to the services they provide to improve World Cup facilities in Qatar. FIFA should additionally ensure that they are being paid adequately and offered safe places where they could live and sleep. The kafala system should also be moderated when it comes to the plight of these employees to make sure that they can return to their countries.

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