Free «Reproductive Process, Gender and Sexuality» Essay Sample

Reproductive Process, Gender and Sexuality

In the real life situation human reproductive process is spiritually the offspring of two distinct sexes that is a male and a female. Subsequently, the human gender and sexuality as in a video show the vampire slayer written by Joss Whedon and weissman portrays that reproductive process is gendered not by the masculine or feminine nature of the body of a man or a woman respectively, but with sexuality. For example, in the vampire video show, even though, the vampires had no physiological differences of the sexes, like a female need not be feminine in order to attract men for reproduction purpose, they had to have either a male or a female sexual organs in order to reproduce which identifies them with either of the gender.

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Consistently, a man can be feminine but still posses his male sexuality. Whendon, a male writer declares that he is a feminist as he fights the gender stereotype during his time, in addition he alludes that his passion for writing the movie the vampire slayer emanates from his feminist identity that propels him to elaborate on the gender and sexuality as an academic contribution to ending gender disparities that were practiced in the historical times. He asserts that the female gender is looked down upon compared to the male counterpart because of her female feminine identity which was believed to be weaker. From his video extract the blood girl is in danger because she is a female who is feminine and that is why the male monster is able to confidently follow and kill her.

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Just like weissman and Whedon men should take a leading role in championing women’s rights though various media, like video games, plays, music and novels. It is through the use of the media that the massive movement on the women’s rights will penetrate the world and gain acceptance without the fear of female dominance like the feminist movement critics claimed.

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