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Fundamental Values Associated with Peace Studies

Imagine living a life with peace in this era. It is undoubtedly the dream of every individual to live in harmony and peace in every region of the world. However, due to various political and geographical conflicts between nations, today a large part of the world’s population is not living peacefully. Hence, the need is to resolve the conflicts in a purely non-violent way. To ensure this, many organizations and particularly the United Nations has been involved in developing various peace studies.

The fundamental and basic values associated with peace studies are that nonviolence and a positive force should be introduced to people so that they are able to resolve any kind of issue peacefully. A detailed and critical analysis of the government and non-government organizations and social structures should be held for evaluation purposes. A very important factor associated with peace studies is the equal sharing of the world’s resourced between the nations. Every individual from any part of the world should be equally treated.

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According to (Barash, 2009) peace is a socially natural condition whereas war is not. For peace researchers the premises are very simple and straight forward that is to provide sufficient information so that the decision making rational group start seeking ways to avoid war.

However, (Zinn, 2002) states that the fundamental aims of peace studies are conflict resolutions and transformations through peace building and peacemaking, like for example distribution of world wealth and handling disparities in rights.

According to my understanding, Robin J. Crews mentions “the images of truth” as part of the peacemaking efforts around the globe. He refers to the justice and equality as the images of truth or legitimacy. He is of the opinion that every individual of this earth has the right to be treated equally, justice should be for all irrespective of hat part of the world you belong to and every child should be taught to resolve his little conflicts peacefully in a non-violent way right form early childhood. This would develop the sense and apprehension in his personality for peace which will eventually lead to a peaceful and harmonious world.

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