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Speaking the English Language Fluently

In my opinion, the English language is by far the most essential and wide-spread language in the contemporary world. It is deemed to be the worldwide language. The majority of the universities incorporate English as one of their key focuses. Big countries such as India, UAE, and European ones are required to meet universal standards. English is considered the primary and chief principle, whether you are applying for a job or to a highly known college, university, or any academic establishment. Organisations prefer to admit those applicants who are fluent in English, and possess the necessary qualifications. So I strongly disagree with the fact that it is needless for English learners to become ideal speakers of the language.

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The applicants who meet the requirements but lack the proper familiarity of the English language are refused. Numerous researches have revealed that those who feature superior knowledge of the English language are far more prone to progress with their occupations. Additionally, these studies have as well proven that a profound and skillful grasp of the English language enables one to take top-paid jobs and opens the way to further social interaction and massive and effective social achievements. Nearly all of us are aware of how people perceive looks; however the approach that you exploit when you want to speak is more significant. Albeit you are clad properly, using feeble grammar will convey your weakness and flaws. You may seem well poised, yet internally unconfident and hesitant. To thrive, you are required to emphasize on your outer appearance as well as speech.

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Nowadays, we all reside in a world where globalisation has become the vital norm. No matter what country you travel to, whether as a pioneer in your job, or merely a tourist, English is your foremost saviour in any intricate situation you may found yourself in. The majority of business and technical firms all over the world use the English language for their daily activities. English in the Workplace, Rhetoric English, and Communication Arts are all courses that are taught in most of the world’s leading universities, and within any given major, whether related to arts or sciences, or even engineering. Even if your company does not practise the English language, you are always likely to encounter a situation where you have to communicate or deal with at least one foreign trader or even a customer, and then, you have to be as good as possible. Most people undervalue the significance of being fluent English speakers. This is especially true for people who live in the UK and USA. Since they are brought up speaking the language, they realize its underlying and critical essence (Mydans, 2007). They believe they can manage with the early fundamental language education they acquired at school. Nevertheless, having only basic English comprehension will not lead to excellent work prospects. The way you speak the English language will highly determine the way people perceive you or look upon you. And undoubtedly, we all seek to make a good impression in our societies.

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English is the ideal oral communication means for various governments around the globe. Careers in edification have provided rewarding jobs for English graduates in the past and will persist in the future. Nonetheless, the talent to manage language efficiently and plainly is priceless in any profession. In effect, the English “major” is an indispensable factor of copious livelihoods. Countless organisations have previously recognised that they can reduce the costs of production by relying on overseas employees.This is called outsourcing.

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