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The Iliad by Homer

The tale of “The Iliad” begins with a single fruit, which later developed to become one of the great epics of our society today. This is a society whereby everyone sympathizes for each other just like the characters in Homer’s creative piece. This is one of the best epics because Homer uses the Greek language in a more interesting manner. In “The Iliad”, the reader is capable to relate the main characters and sympathizes or hates them while reading the book. The Greek gods form the major part of this tale. The war begins because of gods, and they continue to meddle with the story. The story provides us with a picture of the Greek culture that was never known since things like sleep and ruin are characterized as actual deities. In short, “The Iliad” is actually entertaining as one may be reading it in the historical perspective or as an entertainment (Homer 290).

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Amongst various literal works by Homer, “The Iliad” is a progressively far reaching vision in his elucidation and writing of oral tradition that condemns and criticizes war. This is one of the dearest facets of life to Homer’s ancestors for the contemporary Greeks. The book of Iliad talks about the Greek hero Achilles entering the war, and this forms the basis of the major theme. The main hero of “The Iliad”, Achilles, is said to have taken on one of the evil, beastly, and menacing demeanour to revenge for the death of his fallen companion, Patrocles. Achilles strives to revenge by destroying Aineias, and this fight is described as “grim”. In this particular case, we realize that the issue concerning innocence is brought to question. In this instance, we also are tempted to think that Aineias is not guilty and is likely to suffer for no particular reason (Homer 321). The question of innocence is not answered because Aneias is targeted by the hands of Achilles. “The Iliad” creates instances that combine both happiness with sorrow, and this is a blend that Homer uses very well.

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Homer tactically uses ruthless battlefield tactics to make “The Iliad” more enjoyable for the reader. This fight drives the most honourable people to insanity and causes them to act rashly, without honour to the Greek society. In these cases, we find that Homer disapproves war, and the immense evil of war is represented by the disrespect of Achilles towards Hector. As this story progresses, we realize that Hector’s heart-wrecking funeral clearly displays the immense evil brought about by the war. “The Iliad” shows what results can be caused by damage and dishonour to even the honourable people, and this dishonour is what causes the war that is discussed throughout the books 23 and 24. Homer views war as a part of the society, and there are various issues that are a part of it as well. It is through the war that we learn a lot of things concerning the rage that Achilles goes through.

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In conclusion, the views presented by Homer concern the evil nature of human which is represented by common human beings and the way how they express fear and hopelessness in life. This ultimately results in war full of animosity and soreness that leaves very little room for rationalization of honour. These are the mass accounts of death as a result of war, war that causes demise to some of the characters. It is evident that Homer ultimately condemns and sympathizes his characters, and this is tactically brought out by the creative literal work (Homer 418). In short, “The Iliad” by Homer is a vivid portrayal of fate and destiny.

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