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Effective and Ineffective Advertisement in Business Marketing

Advertisements have a critical role of passing relevant message that can sell a product or service. However, a poorly designed advertisement can create a poor perception of a certain product or service. I was impressed to watch a Coke video advertisement, which was highly effective, but another picture advertisement from Todd and Holland Tea merchants proved ineffective to consumers. These adverts mark a contrast between an effective and ineffective ad.

Coke advertisement appeared effective because it relayed its message clearly. In this video advertisement, two rival guards are shown guarding a border post. The video displays the tension and enmity between them; one guard cannot allow a wind to blow a piece of paper into his territory. Nonetheless, things change when the other guard takes a bottle of ice-cold coke and takes a sip. Despite the tension, the two guards open their boundary demarcation, exchange a bottle of Coke and quickly close their border. The ad is effective because of the matching sound track used and clarity of message. The contrast of the picture and scenery makes the ad spectacular. After watching this ad, I could not resist the urge to grab a bottle of Coke.

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Todd and Holland Tea merchants run an advertisement with three glasses of coffee. The caption of the ad was ‘Admit it; you’re much too civilized for coffee’. This ad appears ineffective because of the caption, which seems bring out a wrong perception about coffee. Going by the caption, the advert purport is that those who drink coffee are not civilized. Indeed, this caption made me feel that I should not take coffee being civilized. Because of the ad, I doubt whether one will feel an urge to grab some tea from Todd and Holland Tea Merchants.

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