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Journey of Faith

Faith can be defined as total trust and confidence in something, someone, an event or a situation. Faith in most cases develops over a long period of time as one passes through life. This can be in either favorable situations or difficult times thus distinguishing a believer as either a religious or a spiritual person (Nye 3).

My Journey of Faith began and keeps growing stronger through personal experiences and my curiosity to understand the purpose and existence of human beings in nature. Growing up as from childhood, I was directed and natured through the Hindu Religion. Therefore my faith started as a religious person because my understanding of religion stipulates that; religion is a form of reverence to a superior and unique being referred to as God (Fletcher 20). In this particular instance, there are various religions thus each recognizes this Supreme Being in their own way. Religion further makes one follow guidelines and a set of beliefs that would be in line with what the Supreme Being would approve.

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As I grew up and till the present moment, I have learnt that in order to understand more of this supernatural happenings, one has to have a connection and insight of how the Supreme Being wants us to live. Gradually I started acting and living the way I believed he would behave if he was human. This attempt to realize how he would live in the physical world but maintain his supernatural self is what transformed me into a spiritual person. A spiritual person lives and always tries to live beyond religion thus attempt to have the direct relationship with a Supreme (Nye 105).

The main factor that made me advance from religion to spiritualism is my inner need to try and have fewer restrictions in my constant attempt to link with God. Religion had many restrictions which included avoiding interaction with other denominations for any discussions relating to their beliefs. In my view, religion had a way of trying to compare various denominations instead of finding common grounds of worship and association. Religion involved deeply rooted routines and rituals that could not be altered to accommodate globalization or social interaction of various denominations of the world (Fletcher 46).

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The rigidity has led to a form of separation thus I view it as a possible means of discrimination on religious grounds in workplaces and other social institutions. Personally, my family had a difficult time fitting into the cosmopolitan society we currently live in, because originally we lived in an area where we were the majority via religion. Things changed due to our relocation thus we experienced our religion in terms of a minority group. In order to catch up and be comfortable in academics and other activities that I am involved in, I had to have a deeper eye to a level of worship beyond, the physical world. This has led to my daily motivation and devotion to spiritualism because it grants a personal satisfaction that religion could not provide.

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In conclusion, I believe God exists and no matter what religion one is in, the most important thing is for man to try as much as possible to live for the good of fellow men and live in righteousness with regards to what our creator would like to be associated with. I know that all the religions of the world have a common purpose of living like brothers and sisters in beliefs that attempt to govern and explain our existence on earth. Extreme measures are sometimes applied by certain religions in an attempt to either convert other religions into seeing things their way or else punish them as a way of dealing with perceived rebellion. This should be addressed if people became more spiritual thus; their focus would greatly shift from physical state of things to values and reasoning that would address more peace and cohesion.

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