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The Most Hot-Burning Modern Issues

Nowadays life on the Earth is being improved considerably as people all over the world have a great chance to admire new technologies eagerly provided by various producers. On the other hand, it is necessary to remember that such comfort as well as carrying capacity in the whole will be impossible without some major resources such as water, air, and land. It is obvious that dumping of hazardous waste, acid rains, urban smog, ozone layer depletion, deforestation, and overuse of fertilizers and pesticides are the major reasons for polluting our planet.

In accordance with Peter H. Raven, David M. Hassenzahl, and Linda R. Berg (2011, p. 214) burning of fossil fuels leads to the changes in our climate. This is the reason why an average temperature rises, snow is melting and the rise of sea levels leads to flooding. Even today a lot of coastal areas have already become inappropriate for living. If nothing to be initiated, humanity will face ecological catastrophe in the future. Chris C. Park (2001, p. 12) highlights excessive nitrogen levels as one of the major threats of the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, and Chesapeake Bay.

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Moreover, the current situation with traffic fumes is considered to be one of the pressing problems in modern society. Today, almost every family owns at least one private car whereas the harm caused by traffic interjections is obvious. Solving the problem of environmental consciousness will make people use public transport more often, and the ecological situation will not be so serious.

In conclusion, it is necessary to admit that non-polluted ecological systems are the major criterion for carrying capacity on the Earth. The problem of environmental protection is really serious, but by means of alternative energy sources, improvement of public transport and taking measures for prevention of climate change, the situation can change in a positive way. In case of it, mankind will gain an opportunity to make the Earth liveable while the average life expectancy will rise, and the problem of endangered species will be solved.

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