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Taoism Meditation

One of the main Taoist Meditations is called “Cosmic Circuit Meditation”. This practice refers to the certain type of Qigong energy cultivation techniques. Qi is a type of energy or natural force that fills the universe. Qi can be interpreted as a functional energy of the universe, so called "cosmic breath of the Heavenly Dragon". In a more detailed sense, qi can be considered a person’s life energy that interpenetrates people’s existence. Qi circulates in the human body through the energy channels also called meridians. If the energy is balanced, a person is healthy and feels great. Qi is also contained in the food people eat, the air they breathe etc. Famous Taoist Masters such as Mantak Chia and Choa Kok Sui teach the "Cosmic Circuit Meditation", but Choa Kok Sui is less radical than Mantak Chia. The energy that can be developed from his systems will not be as strong as compared with Mantak's techniques.

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Qi circulation principle is the basis of the “Cosmic Circuit Meditation”. Qi is the energy which circulates through the organs and energy centers of the body. There are three centers used in such type of meditation: the point about two inches below the navel, the center of the chest, and the forehead. Breath is used to direct energy in a right way. Meditation called “Hugging the Tree” also includes practice of techniques to build internal energy. It is the basic standing meditation. This practice brings together a set of internal organs and joints of the body (qi channels) into a single structural system. To strike this pose is usually not difficult.

For example, when a person feels that it is necessary to write a complicated article and the whole body is stressed out, they go to a secluded spot and strike a pose "hug a tree". Body and soul simultaneously relax; a person feels strong, dense, and harmonious energy gradually filling their body. Of course it is better to practice this posture in combination with other exercises. The process, in principle, is simple: a person should stand motionless in a fairly easy pose and gradually feel that the stress from the body enters the space between the hands and becomes a harmonious flow of energy that sticks back into the body. Thus, in a few minutes a busy person becomes calm, relaxed and full of strength. This feeling lasts for several hours.

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It is significant to touch the problem of young people who have a lot of life-force energy, but do not know how to guide it in the right direction. They try to burn surplus energy through consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other pathogens. Drugs will not have a strong impact on a person with low level of energy, because they will not have source to draw energy from. For this reason, young people can easily become dependent on drugs, sex or other addictions. The correct transformation of the excess energy of qi will eliminate the need to burn energy by various stimulants or excessive sexual activity.

Taoists treat their internal organs as parents and their senses - as children. When they are separated, a person is disbalanced, absorbed only in troubles and needs. People are trying to find happiness, satisfaction, and love outside themselves and forget about harmony from within. They listen to the body's desires rather than to the voice of mind and spirit. The more things they are looking for, the more needs they create, and, in fact, they will never approach to the desirable items. Instead, they will wear and tear themselves to pieces. True happiness, joy, and satisfaction come only with inner peace. Taoists strongly believe that their lives are in their hands. Thus, Taoism teaches people to strengthen their health while minimizing their desires and direct their thoughts at stillness. Turning inward, people do not lose energy outward and thus are able to acquire extra energy for themselves.

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The main factor limiting the life span is the termination of movement. As soon as healthy person stops moving, their body rapidly loses vitality. The desire to move and to explore the world depends on the will to live, while the ability to move depends on the condition of the joints. To live long life, people should regularly devote their time to the development of flexibility. With age it is necessary to spend more time to maintain health. Action is a way to longevity. Flexible body ages more slowly as compared with stiff ones.

There are a group of people called breatharians who live only on qi and state that renunciation of food will bring long life. Breatharians believe that life energy exists not only in food but also in air, so they are able to draw energy from space and air. The very fact of existence without eating has been considered fantastic until recently. People practicing such type of technique could even be said to have supernormal abilities. However, breatharians suppose that superabilities are some type of mind pitfalls. A lot of people want to have superabilities, but when it comes time to the simplest tests or hardship, they do not seem to want them anymore. Few people really control motion of the body. Therefore, for instance, Shaolin monks’ activities are regarded unreal by inhabitants. In fact, these abilities are normal, and almost everyone can gain such skills.

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It is important for a person to enjoy a green old age, remain vigorous and happy like in childhood. These features assist in gaining power and youthfulness indirectly, leading to desirable longevity.

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