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Encouraging the Heart through Reward and Recognition


Receiving recognition is very important for developing an ambitious personality, since it stimulates the desire to improve the activity in any possible field and brings satisfaction from the accomplished work. As for me, I always feel real happiness and joy whenever someone highly estimates my time and effort. However, I realize that only hard and profound work can be truly appreciated.

Receiving Reward and Recognition

The most important recognition in my life was the praise made by my dance teacher. When a small girl, I used to go in for dancing. I always spent much time practicing and working on some new and sophisticated movements. Unfortunately, I was not always successful and I had to make real effort with the aim of breaking through. However, once I made a great progress I have received rewards from my teacher.

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This person played a very important role in my life, since I admired her to a great extent. She was a real professional in her sphere and could manage to cope with every possible dance. My teacher had a perfect slim figure and knew everything about the culture of dancing. I can assert that she was my own idol and I always tried to follow every piece of advice provided by her. She never praised me a lot, but gave me very specific recommendations.

The work I got the recognition for was absolutely magnificent and profound. It was a very complicated dance, and the presentation of the program was also profound. I had to think a lot about my costume and had to practice for many hours to succeed in accomplishing some exquisite movements. That is why when I was recognized by my teacher, it felt like heaven.

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This event is so memorable for me, because it was the first victory in my life. Since that event I understood that I could reach goals in my life by virtue of the hard-work and constant practice, as well as experience. This reward helped me believe in my own strength and proved that I was worth something in the sphere of activity chosen. I know for sure I will never forget that day and will remember it whenever I come across any obstacles.

Giving Reward and Recognition

It is true that receiving recognition is a constituent part of success of every person, for this reason to represent the reward towards a person, who really deserves it, is rather challenging too.

When I was in the fifth grade, my class was responsible for making a very important performance for a school musical. Certainly, it was a rather difficult task and everyone was excited to cope with this challenge. It is quite understandable that every pupil got his/her own particular task, however, it was necessary to find a person who would be the leader of the whole organizational process and could supervise the work of the whole class. Fortunately, the mother of one of my classmates turned out to be ready to participate in preparing the special program together with us. Frankly speaking, she conducted a great work. First of all, she wrote a perfect scenario taking into account all the peculiarities of my class. This woman thoroughly chose the role of every pupil and wrote the words to represent according to the performing talent of everyone. Moreover, she took responsibility to find appropriate costumes and scenery. On the day of our performance she was always with us, gave very relevant pieces of advice, brought some snack for us not to be hungry, supported while we were preparing and tried to back up if something was not as we wished.

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Of course, it was a real success and every student, as well as all parents, recognized the genuine talent of this unique woman. It is quite understandable that we wanted to reward that personality for her great work. We considered a lot of variants as to how to congratulate the mother of my classmate on such a breakthrough. Certainly, we expressed our admiration orally, wished her everything that she dreamt of and begged to be the main supervisor of all the creative activities of our class. However, every pupil also wanted to do something special for that woman and praised her great work. Actually, it was the most complicated task for us.

Firstly, we were planning to buy her a present, but then considered it rather simple and not creative at all. It is obvious that to present such a special person with a material gift would not be enough. All in all, we got to know about her great passion towards literature. My classmate told us that her mother was a great fan of poetry and collected different books which related not only to English poets, but also to some foreign writers. It gave us a push towards creating something special for this woman. My class found the verses of the most prominent poets, and every classmate of mine (I was not an exception) learned these poems by heart.

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At the end of the term we invited this woman to our school and recited poems for her. She was absolutely delighted, for she had never expected such a creative work from our side. Moreover, this lady realized that she could help other people to fall in love with poetry. We also invited our parents and teachers, so every adult was carried away by our great creativity. Moreover, we found a unique edition of William Shakespeare poems and every classmate signed this book for the woman wishing her something very special. Thus, it was a definite reward for such a hard-working lady, and her genuine talent was particularly recognized.


All in all, to encourage anybody to create something special or to achieve some new high results is possible by means of recognition and reward. In such a way people show their admiration and respect and can estimate the work conducted. For the person who gets this recognition it provides a chance to understand how much he/she has already reached, as well as gives an opportunity to continue working with the view of improving the final result. As for me, any reward plays a significant role, especially that recognition which I receive from my parents’ side.

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