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Moore's Law

Moore’s Law states that the numbers of transistors present in a chip will double approximately every two years. This law was named after Gordon. E. Moore. He is the founder of Intel and he observed and discussed this trend in his paper. He noted the number of components that were present in integrated circuits had been doubling from 1958 to 1965 and he stated that this trend would probably continue (Xie, Chong, and Sapatekner, 2009). This law is currently applicable to the hardware components in the world of today. Intel produced a new tri-gate transistor in 2009. This processor has an increased speed, consumes less power, and has greater computing efficiency when used on wide scale. In addition to this, the company introduced a new processor in 2011 that was 22nm in thickness. In 2009, Intel produced processors with a size of 32nm proving that Moore’s Law was still applicable. This has contributed to the reduction of the size of computers and, in addition, improved their overall efficiency.

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Integrated timing and synchronization is current software that utilizes Moore’s law. This automated test systems accurately represent protocol synchronization and real time determinism using Moore’s Law. Open Source software refers to computer software that is designed in source code form. Examples of open source software include Linux operating system, GNOME, Firefox, Postfix, Apache and KDE. Some of the open source software survives if they are free. These software products are known as free and Open Source software and they can be used, copied, changed, and improved since they have a source code (Xie, Chong, and Sapatekner, 2009). Amar Bose is an electrical and sound engineer. His research led to the development of a stereo loudspeaker. In addition to this, he led to the invention of nonlinear systems and two-state amplifier-modulators. Moreover, he helped in the production of noise reduction headphones known as QuietComfort that had the ability of reducing noise across full range of hearing. He also helped in the developing of Bluetooth headsets that had the ability of blocking noise.

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