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Lawyers’ share in all the occupations that suffer from a major depressive disorder is greater than 10% which makes them the most depressed of all, as researched by the author. Along with being the most depressed of the lot they suffer from other emotional anomalies such as anxiety, hostility and paranoia. It is not hard to conclude that they consume alcohol excessively and also indulge in drug abuse.

Long hours of work, the intense competition and the running after money day in and day out are some of the major reasons which lead to this unhappy state of mind and unhealthy physical conditions of the lawyers. Consistent aggravation and fight for money to have a sense of satisfaction over peer group makes them mentally tired yet reluctant to relax.

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The quotation does sound convincing. The author points out that the environment in big law firms is such that it might transform a person. The atmosphere is fraught with systemic risks. Nobody enters with the intention to be unethical. However, it eventually starts step by step and finally culminates into a person completely letting go the question of ethicality in matters and conflicts of interests that arise. This lure for lucre causes a man to adapt to the culture of the business firms. This might eventually lead to a poor work life balance, leading to mental disturbances and a state of happiness and poor health.

Success in law, as is pointed out by the author is marked by prosperity derived in monetary terms. The option of choosing to do things in life which would make living more wholesome is readily available to the lawyers but at the cost of a few sacrifices in their monetary gains which most lawyers surprisingly do not opt for.

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A lawyer may change the parameters by which he measures success. For example he may choose not to be a part of the rat race of the big law firms. A lawyer may choose to be ethical and do whatever would be morally right or wrong even if that would intend to go against the practiced norms of the law firm.

I would choose to be ethical and not blindly follow the general objectives that the lawyers choose while defining success for themselves. I would not compare my success with the monetary benefits, for example. As the parameters for my success would be based on my own objectives of self service and societal benefits I would be ethical in my conduct. I would thus be both successful by my own standards earmarked with ethicality.

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Answer 4. A good life would be one where the work life balance is appropriate. If the parameters of a particular work environment demand a heavy deviation from personal life and personal milestones then it would mean nothing in the end.

My plan would first begin with prioritizing my wants and needs from my life, both, personal and professional. Setting my own parameters for success and assigning every parameter a degree of importance. For example, I would readily substitute a certain amount of money with quality time with my family and a decent enough time for my other hobbies.

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