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What is a Principle

In everyday life, as well as in different sciences, a principle often possesses the same underlying idea. It is defined as a rule or law that is supposed to be followed. Sometimes a principle is associated with the background properties of some system that maintains its existence and functioning. Therefore, a principle frequently defines crucial features of the phenomenon, its goal and scope of effective ways of its application to achieve the goal (Alpa, 1994).

Scholars consider many examples of principles in different spheres of life. In economics, there are numerous principles that set up the work of economy. For instance, principle of optimality is realized when available resources are reallocated among the people in such a way that any person is not worse off in the result of the redistribution. One of the most important principles in physics and mathematics is the concept of symmetry. It is aimed at securing all systems in nature to be balanced and achieve their equilibrium. On the other hand, every person often follows social principles and norms that are common in the society like equal rights of all people, respect of the human dignity, etc. Hence, it is obvious that principles are essential elements of life.

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However, even though there are specific principles that can be applied in particular spheres of life; there are numerous principles that are generally applicable in science, social life, ethics, business. They may include the principle of causality or the principle of contradiction.

Every phenomenon or event is caused by a certain factor or group of factors. According to the principle of causality existence of every “being” needs to have a cause. This principle was originally explained by Aristotle who have pointed out that everything that moved, was actually moved by something else. Quite often principle of causality is confused with the principle of sufficient reason. However, the principle of causality identifies that there is a reason of the particular way in which events take place or things are organized, rather than in some other way.

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Principle of contradiction is another universal rule that is applied in every sphere of life or science. The underlying idea of this principle is that there is nothing that can exist and not exist simultaneously. For example, it is not possible that a person is walking and not walking at the same time.

Besides social, scientific, ethical or universal principles, every person has developed their own rules that are important particularly for them. Some people have numerous principles that they follow strictly and would never break the set rules. Other people have more flexible rules.

Considering personal principles and their importance in life, it is important to mention the principles of happiness, growth, mistakes and opportunities since they are guidelines in life of a successful person.

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Happiness is achieved as a result of doing the work that brings you pleasure. Therefore, it is essential to devote time to doing things and be involved in the activities throughout the lifetime that are pleasant and bring joy. Growth and development are essential for achieving higher levels of happiness. There is no doubt that development and growth are impossible without both minor and major mistakes that people make in the process of their work. However, learning from them ensures avoidance of mistakes in the future. More experience results in greater success. Finally, taking a lot of opportunities provides the possibility to increase your chances of success at least in some of them. Therefore, not losing the opportunity that showed up is crucial for determining future success.

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Summing up, principles are rules that are followed in order to secure achievement of goals and sustain the system of work. There are numerous principles that are applied in mathematics, economics, social life, etc. Some of them are universal and relevant for every sphere of life. At the same time, a lot of people are developing their personal principles that they keep being successful and happy in life.

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