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Racial Discrimination is a Crime

Part 1

Racial discrimination is a crime in the U.S is a social problem referring to an assault on to anybody regardless of race (Maslow, 2007). This social problem refers to a systemic denial of an individual the full human rights because of the beliefs of who they are. Thus, it is not proper for a restaurant owner, not to provide a service to others simply because of differences in race. In the U.S, just as other parts of the world, this constitutes a violation of human rights. It would be a violation of human rights if a black restaurant owner is discriminated against simply because of discrimination. Thus, the perpetrators of racial discrimination should be dealt with since they are an abuse of human rights. However, those involved have always enjoyed this impunity. When a black restaurant owner is discriminated against, his rights are infringed. This is a form of direct discrimination, which is a detrimental treatment of an individual based on color.

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Discrimination should be understood to mean any seclusion or restriction based on the ground of race or color and is done purposely to impair the recognition or enjoyment by all persons, on the rights of freedom. Such discriminatory behavior should be eliminated, and the perpetrators charged in the court of law since it is a violation of civil rights. Thus, no body should be categorized as inferior and undeserving of equal treatment as well as, equal enjoyment of the civil rights. Thus, in all cases, it is not appropriate for a restaurant owner not to provide service to others simply because of differences in color or race. On the other hand, it would be a violation is a person discriminates against a restaurant owner based on race because the categorization of others as inferior and undeserving of equal treatment is justified as discrimination and is punishable under state laws.

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Part 2

Racist discrimination is treatment, which makes others disadvantaged. For instance in the case above, in order to ensure that members of the Atrium Club to withstand the challenge under the federal and state discrimination, there are various procedures that can be undertaken to ensure that discrimination is prohibited. There are various antiracist policies that can be which can be directed towards this issue. Thus, while the prevention of racial discrimination is a priority for international human rights body, it is important for states not to forget the plight of the victims. It Is necessary to ensure that all people are assured of jurisdiction that allows for effective protection as well as, remedies. Thus, the following measures can be taken to deal with acts of discrimination. This means that people should not be discriminated against, and they should have a right to seek adequate reparation or satisfaction for any damage caused by the act of discrimination. The most suitable means to address this matter is through a conciliation process, which is very flexible.  The sensitivity of the matter and the confidentiality with which the act of discrimination occurs should be observed.

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 It is vital to monitor the structure for complaints and to understand each particular situation of racial discrimination (Montague, 2009). Conciliation is the best method to deal with discrimination since it is likely to bring about structural changes or have a substantive effect on equality. It is important to settle discrimination cases through conciliation since it helps in detracting from recognition of the pervasive problem, which is racial discrimination (Moskos & John, 2006). This method is most suitable because it will ensure that the club will not have any negative consequence, when they admit other members who are not from the homogenous background.

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