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A Rose for Emily

Emily in the short story "A Rose for Emily" by renown writer William Faulkner first printed in the 30th April, 1930 issue of Forum, is a good illustration of a personality who is tainted by an aspect of Human Condition.

The disruption in Emily’s life is seen with the death of her father. Everyone did feel sympathy for her when her beloved dad did pass away. The only benefits that did come with this, was that she was left with a home of her own but with no cash. When her father did pass away, she even became adamant to accept the scenario for the next three days. Nevertheless, the locals never thought that she was nuts by then, but they only did make an assumption that she never accepted the bitter reality that the worst had happened and nothing can be done to reverse that situation. Even though it was remorseful, we could not really blame her because some things do happen out of control of humankind, and only God has the ultimate answer to that.

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The disruption in Emily’s life triggered an emotional response. Her emotional response to this disruption was the transformation of her personality. Emily who is a mysterious personality transforms from a vivacious and confident young woman to a secluded and enigmatic woman. Distraught and on her own following her father’s demise, she is an object of misfortune for the people around her. Subsequent to a life of having prospective suitors cast off by her father.

Emily later takes action in order to rectify the disruption in her life whereby she begins to spend time with a stranger known as Homer Barron. Homer Barron’s purpose of being in the town was to work on a sidewalk-building project. Emily;s town greatly condemns this affair and calls out to Emily's cousins to the town to put an end to this relationship. One day, Emily is witnessed purchasing arsenic at the chemist. The town concludes that Homer is giving Emily "The Shaft," and that she is planning to commit suicide. When she purchases a couple of men's products, they assume that she and Homer are planning to tie the knot. Homer eventually leaves town and consequently Emily’s cousins also vacate the town. However, Homer comes back. The last time he is seen is going into Miss Emily's house.

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Emily gains knowledge from her action of starting an affair with Homer that was triggered by the emotional response of her father’s death. She learns that she would never be happy again and that is why she eventually poisons Homer and puts away his dead body into a room in her house. In the past 30 years, the collectors of taxes in the designated towns did even have a weird encounter with Emily concerning matter that related to issue of a foul odor that originated from her place. This incidence did occur a period of nearly two years after the passing away of her dear father, and a short period after her beloved did disappear from her house. Nevertheless, the odor did become vehement and various allegations and complaints were forwarded. Moreover, the related authorities affiliated to them did not want to confront her concerning such a matter. They did device a way which they only but poured lime around her home and the odor did finally go.

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In conclusion Emily is a puzzling personality who transforms from a lively and positive individual to a quiet and mysterious old woman. Troubled and on her own following her father’s demise, she is an object of misfortune for the people around her. Emily firstly experienced a disturbance in her life which her father’s death after which there was an emotional reaction. The emotional response resulted to a reaction which was meant to correct the disturbance. Once all this was accomplished, Emily learnt from the experience.

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