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The Storm by Kate Chopin

The narrative The Storm, written by Kate Chopin, is indeed one of the most controversial stories ever written. The plot revolves around the lives of Bibi, Bobinot, Calixta, Alcee and his wife Clarisse. The story opens with the episode when Bibi and his father, Bobinot, were in a store. At that time a huge storm broke on the horizon. Bobinot was worried about his wife, Calixta, who stayed alone at home. Meanwhile, Calixta suddenly came across a stranger who asked permission to wait in her house until the storm would finish. The name of the man was Alcee. During their conversation, it became apparent that Alcee was someone with whom Calixta shared romantic past.

The theme of the story is primarily confined to the role of love and sex in marriage and to the question of honesty. During the storm, both Alcee and Calixta, each of whom was married, did not remain faithful to their partners. Perhaps, they experienced a lack of passion, living with their spouses or just wanted to feel themselves attractive and adored. In the story, the author draws a parallel between the characters’deeds and the storm. The lightning destroyed a Chinaberry tree (which was formerly used for making rosaries), and Calixta ruined the honesty of her marriage, permitting adultery. The storm ended, and everything turned to its place. The heroes seem to be happy, leading their usual lives. Whether everything in their marriages as well as in their soles remained the same – every reader should give his/ her own answer to this question.

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For me, the story presents the importance of marriage. Once a man and a woman got married, they must remain faithful to each other and should not engage into extramarital affairs. The couple must cherish their unconditional love and remain devoted until their last breath.

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