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After Watching on the

Les miserable has developed themes of looking back and meanings of life and the sense of human dignity, via an escaped convict within a depressed society and in the vortex of a revolution. I realized that the story is about Jean Valjean and a didactic element which made it attractive to watch. Also, this musical is like a postmodern musical. Watching actor’s expressions with background music, how they are trying to express their role in emotion and feeling, got across to me. However, not only this story handles Jean Valjean but also all the people who are poor and miserable as title name, “Les Miserable”.

First, on the part of “the At the End of the Day”, various groups sang those whom are position of starving poor and got anger to the society. The song and theme is unfolding quickly and represents as complaining on their environment within society. They sang “At the end of the day she will be nothing but trouble and there’s trouble for all when there’s trouble for one” with piercing voice with building up cold mood to her that poor want Fantine to drive away because they assume her sleeping with a man due to her earning extra money. I do not agree that the community did not know exactly what Fantine is doing so far and they seem to have envy for her beauty and so feminine atmosphere,and it is unfair Fantine to drive away. Even though, Fantine sleeps with some man, she is nothing trouble for others because she still earn money as working hard on the factory like the others. For instance, they sang “At the end of the day it’s another day over. With enough in your pocket to last for a week, keep on grafting as long as you are able.” It means that implicate how poor condition make more jealous to Fantine. I think depressed society made them despairing and pessimistic.

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Second, I watched on the part of “I dreamed a dream”, the singer who is therole of Fantine seems the tragic heroine of Les Miserable and mother of Cosette. The theme is that after she got fired at a place to working on factory, she works as a prostitute in order to pay her child’s well being. However, Fantine recalled about such a beautiful life as execrating her job, she sang, “I dreamed a dream,” that sang like a calm and sorrowful. When Fantine sings as position of a prostitute "So different now from what it seemed on I dream a dream" I think when the girl was young the world of thought was kind as well as a happy home of dreams. She thought that after she growing up the life she would live would be perfect, she is of the view that at her old age now the world seem to be more imperfect than she anticipated, she also argue that the world that she is now living is completely different from the one that she was living during her youthful days. In my view, she chose the wrong way and she is fault because she is still young enough looking for another job and a matter of considerable importance is that she regrets her job as a prostitute. Even though Fantine have to pay her child well being, her job is not moral and honest. Sadly enough, the community makes her life ruined while they live as on the same boat.

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Third, on the part of “Who Am I”, this is Valjean main character of Les Miserable. The theme is after Valjean became the town’s mayor behind an escaped convict that received beloved and respect to people, but someone is framed as Jean Valjean. The song “If I speak, I condemned. If I stay silent, I damned! Who am I?” he agonizes to tell the truth or not? I choose this lyric because it feels like very tragic but having a strong will. Many of us live a lie and hide the truth easily whatever somebody hurt even me sometimes. If I was Valjean, I could never tell the truth because how difficult to say the truth that he got already high power and everybody beloved him. The song “My soul belongs to God I knows made that bargain long ago He gave me hope, when hope was gone He gave me strength to journey on who am I? Who am I? I am Jean Valjean!”He honestly tell himself that how surprised and respectful him. In my opinion, the author wants to tell us that we should not neglect original sense of human dignity as showing Jean Valjean tell the true from others life that flamed as jean Valjean.

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Forth, on the part of “Master of the House “two singers sang those who are position of Thenardiers husband and wife as innkeepers, started with a husband who looks like ridiculous, freak and drunken alcohols always even his wife looks so greedy and mean. The song “Master of the housekeeper of the zoo Ready to relieve 'em of a soul or two Watering, the winemaking up the weight” even though it seems to be dirt, cunning, like money too much and let us know how he make trouble to this story, this song seems to make audiences feel better within exciting rhythm on the musical beyond heavy and dreary story. I think the author want to show Thenardiers are injustice, immoral and a corrupt comparing with how jean Valjean is sublime person. When I see through Thenardiers, many people still live like Thernardiers. For instance, many workers are a raw deal to owners who give them a law wage, and put them work too much. Also, some restaurants often serve food as recycling and deceive customer like Thenardiers, “the wine making up the weight” in many developing countries.

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Fifth, on the part of song “Javert's Suicide” the singer is therole of Javert. His song is also unfolding quickly at the first part, and his expression looks ashamed him-self and he sang a song with a sharp voice that reflect a tragic. Also, the theme is that Javert was almost dying from other people, but Jean Valjean saved his life. Javert sang “Damned if I’ll live in the debt of a thief! Damned if, I’ll yield at the end of the chase." I am Law, and the Law not mocked.” Javert actually tortured by his own value and human view because Jean Valeant was a thief that Javert cannot stand for people who was ignoring the law and justice. Javert looks so pitiful among the most of character because he depends on the law and rules too much. He does not know about what is love and forgive or mercy while the others know about love and forgiving. Many people are having a guilty at least once, and examine or regret selves that we are forgive and give a mercy each others. That is how we live on the earth. That is the reason why he suicide that he cannot understand what is forgive and mercy that make him confused his own value even though Javert was forgiving by Jean Valjean in my thought.

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Sixth, on the part ofthe song “One Day More” is that all singers of the characters sang together. All the main song put it together as “One Day More” that Jean Valjean of anguish, love with Marius and cosette, Javert’s resolution, and Thenardier’s greedy. Etc. The song started with Jean Valjean “One day more! Another day, another destiny. This never-ending road to Calvary.”As the main character of les miserable and then sang ending with all together “Tomorrow we'll discover what our God in Heaven has in store! One more dawn one more day One day more!” I think that they want to be tomorrow will be fine during vortex of a revolution and depressed society. Even though,they are barely living on their depressed society, they have hoped to live well. This part was to touch my heart because when I feel hard, I think about tomorrow and my future will be acceptable as them while I study alone in the United States America.

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As I watched on musical “Les Miserable”, I realized that how we face on difficulty and unfortunate life, we should live as meaningful and moral in order to keep on society clean, and furthermore; we are going to live as safety. Also, I looked back again my life how my past life was being honesty and morality. However, this musical give some lesson that even though human society is like material society to influence a conventionality and prejudice, our life is hopeful because many people have warm heart and dreaming.

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