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Literature Program

In order a literature program to be successful in achieving its intended goals, it should focus on developing positive attitudes of the targeted group towards literature. One of the ways in which children tends to develop a positive attitude in the direction of enjoying literature is practicing their reading experiences.  Effective literature program should entail the following aspects: developmental suitable approaches to learning and teaching, an appropriate selection criterion for literature media, as well as titles, identification of developmental goals and finally coming up with activities, as well as the teaching approaches to aid in the achievement of development goals. Literature is a selected aid in the process of developing goals for early childhood education. The developmental goals that need to be identified include intellectual, language, personality, moral, social, creative and aesthetic improvement of nursery age children. This paper will analyze a literature program for preschool children.

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Selection Criteria for Titles and Media

The selection of both titles and media for the preschool children should take into account many factors. The first factor to consider should be whether the selected literature titles, as well as the media, are appropriate for the 3-5 years old children. The selection criterion will ensure that selected literature materials are appropriate for the children age between three to five years (Friendly & Beach, 2005). The content of the literature material that are selected in terms of media and title should be attractive to the young scholars in order to encourage them develop some interest in the entire literature session.

Secondly, the selection criterion should provide appropriate material that children will learn. A teacher should ensure that the materials are suitable for the group of preschoolers. The titles and media will focus on the primary concepts that preschoolers tend to know such as feelings, phonics among other important concepts (Stewart & Allhusen, 2005).

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Thirdly, the selection criterion should be taken into account whether the titles or the media are appealing to the preschoolers.  The titles and media should be more appealing to the target group of the preschoolers in order to make the literature sessions more interesting and entertaining to them. The title selection process should be in a way that selected literature material should contain illustrations as well as a text that will be appealing to the preschoolers (Clifford & Cryer, 2004). The selected criterion should create a reaction in the preschoolers.

Developmental Goals

These are the developmental goals that I intend to achieve by the end of my literature teaching program to the preschoolers. The developmental goal in the area of language will be to ensure that pupils acquire the basic concepts that will help develop their skills in writing and reading comprehensions. The literature program intends to empower the preschoolers with intellectual skills that will enable them to be critical thinkers at an early age. The intellectual capacity of the preschoolers should provide development of their comprehension memories at an early age that will enable them to go through the schooling life successfully.

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Considering the area of personality, the developmental goal will be meant to ensure that the preschoolers develop the right personality at an early age. The program will develop in children principles of moral and ethical behavior. The social and moral developmental goal will be to ensure that the literature program instill good moral character in the preschoolers, as well as ensuring that they acquire socialization skills, by the end of the program. Finally, the developmental goal on the area of creativity and aesthetic development will ensure the improvement of imaginative and creativity capacity of the preschoolers.

Activities and Teaching Strategies

The most appropriate teaching strategy that will help me as a teacher in achieving the developmental goal in the area of social and moral development will be the usage of songs.  This strategy will involve changing of the preschoolers learning and reading materials into songs. Even though, they are going to struggle with the process of learning various words on their own, I arrange some melodies, rhymes and hand motions that will bring benefit in the process of learning.  This will help children learn some important moral values, as well as social skills, from songs singing activity.

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Another crucial teaching strategy that I am going to employ in my literature program will be repetition. This strategy will aid in achieving the developmental goals on the language. The strategy will entail the establishment of simplified learning objectives that will be achieved in the year and employ repetition strategy whereby the preschoolers will be reminded from time to time what they are expected to achieve by the end of the year. This will help the preschoolers develop the right pronunciation skills that are essential for a child to learn the language.

Implementation of the Program

The implementation of the literature program will involve careful evaluation of the physical environment. The preschool physical environment has a greater impact on the learning, as well as the behavior of the adult and children that are working within that space. The physical space available affects the involvement levels of children, as well as their interaction levels with their peers and teachers. The class environment should be designed in such a way that it will accommodate three to five years old children.

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In order to have effective implementation of the program, the classroom environment will provide room for children to access the various materials independently, as well as activities. Environment in the classroom will be centered within seven learning groups that will encourage the children engage in drama activities, reading among other activities. The literature program will also have 40 minute for children to go to the playground and engage in various playing activities. For successful implementation of the program, all necessary materials will be purchased based on the titles and media that were selected in section one of this program.

Evaluation of the Program

In order to assess how effective the literature program is in achievement of the intended goals, there will be a test that children will be taking after every four weeks. The test will be used to assess all the activities that the student will have learnt within those four weeks (Gullo, 2005). The tests will take different dimensions. They will sometimes take the form of reading sessions, writing tests, and storytelling sessions among various testing methods. This will help me to improve my delivery methods. It will also help in improving my teaching efficiency, as well as the effectiveness.

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In conclusion, I would contend that in order for a literature program to succeed in achieving its intended goals, it should focus on developing positive attitudes of the targeted group towards literature. It should, therefore, be developed in such a way that it will support the growth and development of the young children socially, economically, and psychologically.

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