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Harry Potter's Journey

A hero refers to any man who has distinguished qualities of courage and bravery, and thus, most people of the society admire him. Scientists categorize Albert Einstein as their hero since he formulated the theory of relativity that led to the revolution of modern physics. Due to his contributions, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Indians view Mahatma Gandhi as their hero since he helped the Indians to obtain independence from the British colonial rule. He helped to fight for equity of all Indians and prevent a religious war between Muslims and Christians in India. Franklin Roosevelt is an American hero since he helped to bring economic development and political superiority of America. For a hero to achieve his goals, he has to pass through a journey. Several films and books have shown the journey of a hero as well as how characters fulfill various archetypes. In Star Trek, Spock played the role of a reason character since he tried to help Captain to follow a logical approach while solving challenges. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter played the role of a hero in his journey of avenging his parents’ death and characters playing various archetypes supported him.

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Harry Porter, the protagonist of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, lived with a family known as the Dursleys. He lived in a cupboard under the stairs of this house, and he had to wear his cousin’s clothes. They always mistreated him since he was left at their doorstep when he was a young boy. On his 11th birthday, Harry Potter met with a giant known as Hagrid. He informed him that he was a wizard and that an evil wizard known as Voldermort killed his parents who were called James Potter and Lily Potter. Harry Porter was the only wizard who managed to escape Voldermort alive. Harry Porter was left with a scar from this encounter, and he knew that he had to avenge the death of his parents. Hagrid was a guardian archetype since he helped Harry Potter to connect with the world of magic. He took him to the Diagon Alley, where he helped Harry Potter to purchase books of magic spell, robe, and magic wand. He informed Harry Potter that he had to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry since all the wizards had to attend this school. Hagrid took Harry Porter to a train station so that he would travel to this school of wizardry. While in the train, Harry met new friends, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger. Hermoine played the role of a reason archetype since she always told Harry Potter to go over his challenges by applying logic. On the other hand, Ron played the role of an emotion archetype. Harry Potter also met Draco Malfoy on the train, who had extreme hatred towards Harry Potter. He, thus, played the role of a contagonist archetype.

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Harry Potter arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the evening. They held a joint assembly with all the new students, where they were introduced to Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, and Quirrel. In addition to this, they were informed that a sorting hat would decide the houses to which the children would belong and sleep in. Harry Potter, Neville, Hermoine, and Ron were selected to sleep in Gryffindor. Harry Potter later came to learn that his father also belonged to this house. In contrast, Draco Malfoy was selected into Slytherin. Voldermort, the antagonist archetype of this novel, belonged to the house of Slytherin, and Snape headed this house. When lessons began, Hermoine realized that she was good at magic spells. Snape, the professor who taught portions, showed hatred towards Harry Potter since he always shouted at him during classes. As Harry Potter and the other students were having flying lessons, McGonagall discovered that Harry Potter was good at flying. This was after Draco Malfoy threw Neville’s toy in the air and Harry Potter made a spectacular catch of this toy preventing it from falling down. He encouraged Harry Potter to join Quidditch. Harry Potter loved this game, and he constantly practiced it. On the other hand, Hermoine was always busy reading books. She helped Harry Potter and Ron to do their homework and this helped in fostering their friendship.

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The professors of Hogwarts discovered that there was a troll roaming around in this school. This caused them to panic, and they had to lock every student in their houses in order to avoid any casualties. When Harry and Ron returned to their rooms, they discovered that Hermoine was missing. They knew that they had to sneak and look for her. Harry and Ron found the troll and locked it in the girl’s bathroom. When they discovered that Hermoine was in the same bathroom where they locked the troll, they knew that they had to break her free from this room. Harry Potter, Ron and Hermoine combined their wits to defeat the troll, and they returned to their rooms.

All the houses at Hogwarts held a competition to determine which house was the best in this school considering the total points earned by the houses. Harry Potter was selected to represent his Gryffindor in a Quidditch match. However, as Harry Potter chased the ball, his broomstick started to jerk out of control, and all the spectators watching this match were shocked. Hermoine saw Snape uttering a curse while he stared at Harry Potter. She was certain that Snape was responsible for the jerking of Harry Porter’s broomstick, and thus, she knew that she had to stop him. She sneaked to the stand below Snape and set his clothes on fire. Luckily, Harry Potter regained the control of his broomstick and helped his team to win the match. This helped Gryffindor to win all the points from the Quidditch match, and Harry Potter became the hero of their house. Harry Potter, Hermoine, and Ron later came to learn that a gigantic three headed dog guarded something of great value in their school corridor. This was after they heard that Snape and Quirrel wanted to pass the three-headed dog and steal a stone that was under heavy guard. Harry Potter, Harmoine, and Ron investigated why the three-headed dogs guarded this stone and they discovered that it belonged to Nicholas Flamel and that it had the ability of providing unlimited wealth and eternal life to any person who possessed it.

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Hagrid won a dragon’s egg in a poker match. He decided to adopt the dragon, despite the fact that it was illegal for wizards to own dragons. However, Ron, Harry, and Hermoine convinced him that it was not practical to raise a dragon. They offered to help him smuggle the dragon out of his home. Malfoy spied Harry and Hermoine as they sent the dragon away. He ran and informed McGonagall. He was able to catch Neville, Harry, and Hermoine as they sneaked back to Hogwarts. 150 points were deducted from their house, and they were told to accompany Hagrid to a forest in an attempt of finding out who had been killing unicorns. While they were in the forest, they discovered Voldermort drinking blood from a dead unicorn. Harry Potter remembered that Voldermort had been responsible for the death of his parents, and he became bitter knowing that he had to avenge the death of his parents. He also learnt that Voldermot had been trying to steal the sorcerer’s stone, and this motivated him to do everything in order to protect the stone from falling into his hands.

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One night, Harry Potter, Hermoine, and Ron sneaked to the forbidden third floor corridor in order to pass the three headed dog and steal the sorcerer’s stone. They passed the dog by playing music in order to distract it. However, they met another series of challenges in order to enter the vacuum where the stone was located. A Devil’s Snare plant trapped them, and they had to break free from it so that they could reach the vacuum. When they broke free, they had to catch a flying key in order to open a door in front of them. Hermoine, playing the role of a sidekick archetype, helped Harry Potter to pass through the challenges by solving hard riddles. Ron also played this role since he helped Harry Potter to win a wizard chess game and allow Harry Potter to enter into a chamber where this stone was stored.

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When he entered this chamber, he was astonished to find Quirrell. Since Quirrell knew that Harry Potter wanted the same stone that he wanted, he tricked him to look into the Mirror of Erised. When Harry Potter looked into this mirror, he saw himself holding the sorcerer’s stone in his pocket. This is because this mirror had the power of showing a person what he dreamed and hoped to achieve in life. However, Harry Potter told Quirrell that he saw something different apart from the stone in his pocket. Suddenly, a voice told Quirrell that Harry Potter was lying and commanded Quirrell to let him see the face of Harry Potter. When Quirrell removed his turban, the face of Voldermort became clear. Harry Potter could not believe it. He always wanted to meet face to face with Voldermort and avenge the death of his parents. The moment had finally arrived, and anger and bitterness burnt inside of him. Voldermort instructed Quirrell to kill Harry Potter. However, when Quirrell touched Harry Potter, he burnt, and Harry Potter passed out in this encounter.

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When Harry Potter regained his consciousness, he was surprised to find Dumbledore staring at him. Dumbledore informed Harry Potter that his brave efforts led to the defeat of Voldermort since he did not possess the sorcerer’s stone in the end. Furthermore, Dumbledore informed Harry Potter that Quirrell died in the process and that the only thing that protected Harry Potter was the love of his mother. In addition to this, he informed Harry Potter that they had decided to destroy the stone. This was in an attempt of preventing Voldermort from acquiring it. When Harry Potter arrived at Hogwarts, he met Slytherin house celebrating the win of the championship cup. Harry Potter was sad since he knew that he had caused Gryffindor to lose the cup since they had been deducted 150 points because Harry Potter had been discovered possessing a dragon. However, during the end of the year banquet, Gryffindor was awarded many points since Ron, Hermoine, Harry Potter, and Neville had played a big role in defeating Quirrell and Voldermort. In effect, Gryffindor were declared the winners of the house cup for the first time in seven years. In addition to this, Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermoine passed their end of year exams, and this increased their joy. However, Harry Porter has to return to Dursleys for a summer holiday.

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To conclude, Harry Potter played the role of a hero in his journey of avenging the death of his parents. He was the protagonist of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and he wanted to stop Voldermort, the antagonist of this book, since he was using magic to kill an innocent wizard. In his journey of avenging the death of his parents, he obtained support from Hagrid, who played the role of a guardian archetype. Hagrid helped Harry Porter to learn of his past and helped him choose the best wand and cloak to wear in Hogwarts School. Harry Potter also met with Ron and Hermonie, who played the roles of sidekick and reason archetypes in his journey of avenging his parents’ death. Hermoine tried to cover for Harry Potter and Ron whenever they were in trouble. In addition to this, Hermoine helped Harry Potter to solve riddles so that he could access chamber where the sorcerer’s stone was located. Furthermore, Ron helped Harry in playing the wizard’s chess, and thus, he was able to enter the chamber that contained the sorcerer’s stone. Harry Potter was able to defeat Voldermort since he prevented Quirrell from taking the sorcerer’s stone. Quirrell died when he tried to kill Harry Potter. Due to this, Harry Potter succeeded in his journey as a Hero. His bravery caused Dumbledore to award Griffindore points, and they were able to win the championship cup.

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