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Lady Rokujo

Japanese mythology is envisioned through evanescence which is anticipated through various ways. One of them is a metaphorical evaporation of Lady Rokujo and her becoming a wandering spirit. Nonetheless Rokujo has a difficult personality, she is also a psychological victim. Becoming a widow of Prince Zembo she seeks love in Genji’s arms and becomes one of his mistresses, since Genji is unable to be satisfied with only one woman. She grieves over lack of being accepted and loved what later projects on as a wandering spirit, which pursues the aim of killing the three other most important women in Genji’s life.

Lady Rokujo was jealous of Genji’s other young lover and made a big deal out of it, by revanging those who deserved it. In contrast to most ghost stories and death mythology, Lady Rokujo’s feelings of rage and vengeance were so strong that she performed out of body experience and haunted Genji’s lovers to death by tormenting them in their sleep. Any exorcist and power could help to identify that it was the spirit of Lady Rokujo.

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Lady Rokujo is a very tender and needy flower. Nonetheless, the loss of her husband and lack of physical attachment to her lover Genji transforms her into an emotionally broken woman. She becomes very proud, jealous and proprietress, which first starts as envy and holding grudge. Lady Rokujo understands that she is not loved to the fullest and her rage produces revenge for unfulfilled love. Her character becomes three-dimensional, as we can clearly separate her psyche: her personality is represented by the need of revenge and attacking Genji’s women; ego is implied in her self-pity, yet control; her super ego covers the feelings of love to Genji and understanding herself as a jealous woman.

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