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What Images of Food Have You Seen Today

Nowadays, such a notion as "food culture" is losing its relevance. It is replaced by the terms "snack” or "lunch" for example. But has it been always that way? Years or even centuries ago, when life was not so busy and full of technological advances, food, its traditions and ceremonies attached much more importance. First of all, it was not so easy to get the food. Secondly, preparing a dish required much more time. Our ancestors did not have any electric kettles or washing machines. Today, the inventors have already begun to produce and supply the markets of numerous countries with pills which replace food. In this way, according to the Daily Mail (2011), Britain will soon be supplied with such sort of pills that replace fruit. For a long time already athletes from many countries drink protein shakes which replace natural products. These facts confirm that food is gradually losing its culture and its initial role. On the other hand, someone may argue and insist that the culture of eating is just changing its appearance, as well as everything in this world.

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How are Food and Health Linked?

It goes without saying that the concept of “food” and “health” are very closely linked.  We are what we eat. Human body is constructed so uniquely, that everything that goes inside as a meal influences all the necessary processes needed for vital activity. For example, when we eat an apple the body gets iron. The lack of iron in the organism leads to irreversible changes in human body that are incompatible with life. Another consequence of this may be a shortage of oxygen in the cells and loss of consciousness.

How Have Different Attitudes about Sexuality, Fertility and Childbirth been Expressed through Art?

Human sexuality means a capacity of one person to attract another one in a sexual manner. Concept of sexuality finds its reflection in different spheres of life such as morality, spirituality, philosophy, as well as politics and religion. External and internal anatomy, female anatomy and reproductive system were studied by different cultures even many years ago. In Ancient China much attention was paid to sexual prowess and polygamy. They described it in their literary works, painted it on various household items. The Greeks and Romans attached great importance to the institution of family, female sexuality and monogamy. However, men were allowed to have relationships outside of marriage, especially homosexual relationships. Many paintings, statues, and written works of that time serve as a proof of this fact. Contemporary artists express human sexuality in a traditional and nontraditional ways. New exhibitions with very unusual works open in various cities and towns of the world. Of course, it often causes a lot of criticism, but creative people are rarely stopped by public opinion.

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