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Democracy means justice for all in a very fair system of governance. It also implies a government for the people, by the people and to the people. From this statement, it is very clear that the play brings out this issue in an amicable manner. One major issue in the play that creates a master piece in my mind is the way it addresses the impossibilities in the current world especially the issue on democracy among the current leaders. This is depicted where Argos receives a very fair and unbiased trial although he is a member of a royal family. This brings a very great influence into the lives of the current generation as it tries to explain some of the most wonderful and un imaginable situations in the world. This play is also very paradoxical according to my personal opinion.

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Although it is very mythical in nature, the book brings out the issues of democracy in a very amicable manner as opposed to most pieces in the current society. This is a very deep form of democracy that is rarely experienced in the current society. Most societies in the current world yearn for the power in their plight to hide away from the rightful hands of the law. It is difficult to find a renowned resident or leader of some society brought down to book for some form of injustices undertaken upon the citizens of the country or region of jurisdiction. In deed most super powers today maintain their charges to the developing countries as opposed to the developed due to the supremacy immunity which does not portray any form of democracy they advocate for in their campaign pledges. In a nut shell, this form of utmost democracy in the play really caught my attention as a literature student and analyst in a much paradoxical way.

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