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Our ancestors said: “There is a medicine in a drop, but poison in a spoon”, and were absolutely right. Even the most positive phenomenon of our life risks to turn to the negative one if there is too much of it. Modern people have so many temptations. The usual bad habits are smoking and alcohol, but one of the most exotic addictions is dependence on the Internet.

A person thinks by means of the words; a person is called “a verbal being” in patrology. The Internet learns to think by sensual images, brings up absent-mindedness and impressionability. The soul becomes coddled, sensual and hysterical.

Communication and entertainments are the most attractive for teenagers among all the possibilities of the Internet. It is much easier to find the circle of friends in the Internet in accordance with personal interests. The most important fact is that a teen may not disclose own personality, just live under a nickname. A lot of teenagers live in the web, playing the games, watching films, listening to the music, and socializing in networks.

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The Internet is a virtual world, in which, unlike a real world, everything is allowed; it is its biggest lack. Teenagers all over the world spend a long hours surfing the net. It greatly harms their health: a long staying in front of a computer is bad for nerves, heart and vision; the violence in the Internet destroys the state of mind.

The Internet is the carrier of harmful, negative, and pernicious information. Verbal and nonverbal aggression is met almost on each website in the form of advertisements and links, various videos and photo files, online and flash games.

Teenagers, living in the Internet, usually need a social support, they have a lot of difficulties in communication, and they feel themselves unsatisfied in a real world; moreover, they have a lot of complexes, a low self-esteem and shyness. According to their opinions, all these problems can be solved in the Internet. Therefore, they worsen their bad character traits and acquire new, even worse ones. Gradually, such a way of life penetrates into all levels of life. A teenager starts thinking differently.

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Millions of people are addicted to the Internet. The Internet allows not only substituting a real communication with a virtual one, but also deprives teenagers of face-to-face communication, watching each others’ eyes.

The Internet offers the same food to tens millions of people. Therefore, people became very much alike, similar not in the unity of spiritual love, but in the unity of monotony; people lose interest to each other.

The Internet hypnotizes. The streams of images, bright and sated passions, both visual, and acoustical enslave mentality; the consciousness becomes impeded, the person turns to the Internet medium, perceiving its hypnosis.

The Internet develops very quickly. The society should find out the ways of controlling the Internet resources, otherwise a society will degrade. The uncontrollable usage of the Internet is a huge problem which should be solved at a world level.

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“Thus, internet addiction treatment should enhance a person’s ability to control their Internet usage throughout their lifetime and teach ways to express their emotions through means other than the Internet” (“Internet Addiction”: 2011).

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