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Graphics in News Stories

News stories apply different types of visual aids to enhance the presentation and authenticity of the story being told. Some of the common graphics used are such as the use of maps, graphs and charts and drawings. The graphics allow for interactive presentations of the story and aid in backing it up.

Maps are used when the news story is about a foreign country to show where the events happened and if the story is about a local town, it shows where in the country the town can be found. Sometimes maps are used to show the location of streets.

Graphs and charts are used when the story involves the comparison of a set of figures and they mainly help the audience to understand the story being read. In the use of graphs, the lines are drawn boldly ensuring that the graph only has the relevant information to avoid crowding.

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Drawings are used to illustrate an event effectively. They are for example used to depict court case scenes where photographers are not allowed into the courtroom. They are also used to illustrate features where a photograph may not sufficiently depict all the angles of the story.

Drawings on photographs are also used to enhance the story told by a picture. Take for example, if there was a series of event s such as a car bumping into several cars before ramming into a wall, the photograph will show the final part where the car stopped but the inclusion of a drawing also will show how the car bumped into several cars before ramming into the wall.

When creating your own news story, it is paramount to use such graphics to ensure that you capture and maintain the interests of your audience. One should be able to gauge the amount of information that they are intending to put across and decide what combination of graphics will best deliver the message.

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