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A Master Piece done by Mary Shelly


The story is a master piece done by Mary Shelly in 18th century in the places she encountered and experienced in Europe. The story begins in the ship in the arctic, with scientific discovery and exploration in mind. The story describes Frankenstein’s explorations and the discoveries as significant for the time. Frankenstein describes his home in Geneva as cool, warm and happiness illustrating the life he had before the creation of the monster. Frankenstein and the monster travels throughout Europe, when finally Frankenstein meets the monster, Shelly describes the ferociousness of nature like the nature of the monster. The sea of the ice elaborates the termination of the book.

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The narrative and the story of Frankenstein oscillate around the three story tellers, Robert Walton, Victor Frankenstein and the creature. Robert Walton writes a letter to his sister while aboard the ship bound to North Pole recounting the struggles of the expedition and longing for the friend. Walton and his crew rescues Frankenstein from the grasp of the frigid ice and then Victor Frankenstein start to narrate the story about his life to the crew who rescued him. Victor becomes the narrator and begins to narrate the story about his childhood in Geneva and how he acquired the knowledge necessary to uncover the secrets of life. After the completion of his horrible encounter, the creature awakens and Victor becomes unable to face the monster falls deeply ill. Deciding to return back home in Geneva, Victor discovers that William, his brother, has been murdered and more so, Justine has been accused of the crime but Victor is aware that the creature is responsible. Inspire of all these, Justine is convicted and murdered. Alone in the mountain, Victor runs to the creature and begs him to listen to his story,  here  the story turns to the monster who then starts explaining why he killed William. The monster asks Victor to create for him a wife which he obliges, and soon he destroys the second creature in an ensuing rage. The creature then kills Henry and Elizabeth and Victor’s father dies in grief and Victor devotes the rest of his life following the creature. Upon the completion of the story, Robert regains control of the story and tells of Frankenstein’s death and explains the appearing of the creature in the ship.

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Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist in the Shelley’s novel and utter raconteur of the story. In the beginning of the narration, Frankenstein is portrayed as a student of early and antiquated science with the utmost zeal to learn. He leaves his home in Geneva, Switzerland for the University of Ingolstadt where he is introduced to modern science and after learning and gaining more knowledge he begins the work of creating life from the dead. His obsession with his works introduces us in the field of god that drives Victor to create a monster creature; a new species that he believed could bless him and become his creator. Upon the creation of the monster, Frankenstein abandons it and begins his ordeal to look at his sick brother who eventually dies and witnesses the execution of his family friend Justine.  Frankenstein then engulfs himself in the depression which he never recovers from. The conflict between his responsibility to the creature and the subsequent loathing for it, after their encounter in which Frankenstein hears the story and agrees to create a wife for the creature and later abandons the deal and destroys the created wife in the process. The death of the creature’s wife cements the hatred between Frankenstein and the creature leading to the death of his closest family members in the hand of the being. The loss of everything close to him brings Frankenstein to a frantic and fruitless try to revenge against the monster he created.

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The story portrays Frankenstein as dependable young man but his obsession with science that prompted him to create a monster creature which he later abandons, betraying it. His action leaves a negative impact in the eyes of the readers which is not redeemed. The abandonment of the creature is described in the eyes of the creature that portrays Victor as a heartless father who abandons his child upon beholding him. Victor describes himself a slave to his own creation by saying that if the ogre were to be destroyed could put to an end his slavery. He cries to be the injured party of fate and not of his own hands is not properly understood after the abandonment and the disloyalty to the creature he exposed and his life eventually ends with a quest to revenge that he is unable to accomplish showing how stagnant his character is. Victor Frankenstein can also be revealed as a courageous and responsible person when he decided to terminate the work of creating a female creature for the male monster. Succumbing to the creature’s demand could have been the best option to take whereby the creature could have taken the wife and disappear leaving him alone.

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Frankenstein recognized his duty to his fellow creatures by refusing to create another monster as a wife to the first monster. He recognized the danger of creating another monster that could have been more violent.  He feared that a race of demons could propagate the earth, putting the life of the existing man in jeopardy. His decision to defy the creature’s wishes and accepting the consequences of his action and learned the proper boundary of science, nature and human wisdom. He decided to live in misery so that the monster he created could not have the luxury to influence and disturb humanity.


The literature, Frankenstein and the awakening is a master piece of humanity vis-à-vis science and the environment. The story reveals that human beings can use science to influence the environment which later influences their lives. Frankenstein a man with zeal to learn obtains wisdom and decides to use the knowledge in creating a monster, a creature he believed could solve the social problems but the contrary took place. The creature decides to demand a lot and kills Frankenstein close members of his family. The ultimate point to take home in the story is that the social life supersedes all other aspects of human life because we are social beings.

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