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Frankenstein Book Report

The story starts in the icy northern waters, whereby the captain travels to North Pole. Later events occur in England, Geneva, Ingolstadt, the Swiss Alps, and Scotland. It was in the period of 18th century. The protagonist of the story is victor Frankenstein who is Geneva and had interest in gaining knowledge. He was interested in science, and his focus in studies was “the secrets of heaven and earth.” He finally enlivens a lifeless that ends up being a monster and destroys him and his relatives. The antagonist who is the enemy in the story is the monster created by victor. It had a yellow skin that has clearly-raised arteries and muscles. It refuges secretly in de lacey home, and trains how to read, and reads victor’s diary about his experience when creating the monster. The de lacey finds outs and sends the monster for good. It finally kills victor and some of his relatives.

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The problem in the novel is that Victor studies secrets of life and does not get time to communicate with his family. He realizes the secret of life, and enlivens a dead man with the idea of generating a fine race. The creature looks awful and he abandons it although it escaped and survived. Later victor receives news that William his brother is murdered and he believes that the monster did it. He remains silence and Justine, an adoptee is charged for the murder. The main problem was that the monster was a threat to the life of the people for instance it kills William, victors brother, and Elizabeth, the female adoptee.

The highest point of the story is that victor finds the monster, and it begs him to make a female monster since it is suffering. Victors turns the monster down but later approves. He fears that the female monster may be more dangerous. He leaves Henry in Scotland and goes off the island to make the female monster. As he was creating, he realizes that the first monster was watching him and he destroys it. The monster says it will revenge on victors wedding.

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Victor later receives a letter from Elizabeth and decides to marry her despite the monster threat. During the wedding night he hears Elizabeth’s scream and only finds her lifeless body lying on the ground. Victor’s father dies due to this news. Victor sends the monster away but gets stuck in the northern ice and Walton, the ship captain rescues him. He refuses to abandon his mission of killing the monster however his health fails him and he later dies.

The story ends with Walton going to the room where victor lied, and shocked when he sees the monster lament over victor. The monster then tells Walton about his huge suffering, remorse, hatred, and solitude. It declared that since his creator had died, it would die too. The monster left for northern ice for its death.

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The story is narrated using limited 3rd person since captain Walton is the one narrating the story through the letter to his sister. Victor also narrates the story when he is founds at the shore where Walton ship were located.

Some of the main characters include Elizabeth, an orphan who initially lived with a peasant family but later Frankenstein’s adopts her. She was an even-handed since she writes poem just like victor, and she is quiet woman since is did not talk so much. She is also patient; she waits for victor for so long to do his research before he marries her. Alphonse is victor’s father and was respected man in the community. He is compassionate, patient and kind man. He is also loyal, and is seen when he defends his family; he supports victor is innocent when he is suspected a murderer.

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The main theme of the novel is monstrosity, whereby there is horrid creature, the monster that is dangerous since it kills people. It was created by victor Frankenstein. The novel is educative since it shows how our own actions lead to consequences that affect as directly or indirectly. For instance, victor creates a monster, and it ends up killing some of his relatives and him.

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