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We Need Batman

In all epochs, people have been attracted by the idea of superheroes that would have special power to help humanity. In earlier times, society used to have a more religious bias which fed people’s faith and belief in the victory of the good. The twenty-first century is different; we are living in a frantic pace and, what is most frightening, we have immediate access to tons of information from the worldwide web. What looks frightening is that a share of negative events is enormous, which makes it stressful to live a normal urban life nowadays. Nature disasters, murders, and terrorism are among the factors that make people terrified about every day of their living. There is no wonder that superhero movies have become so popular in this respect: they reflect a natural human desire to make sure that justice wins and that good guys will be saved. Indeed, it would be nice to have a hero like Batman who was so skillfully depicted in The DarkNight Movie. Batman would be helpful for the tasks that humans cannot solve; he would help to keep order and would make people believe in the triumph of justice. Some may object that Batman uses violent methods but it is obvious from the film that these are only methods, not his final goals. Besides, he uses these measures in extreme situations where no other measures help.

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Our community would need a superhero like Batman to fight the criminal world that is getting more and more skillful. The quantity and quality of the evil is growing nowadays, today’s criminals are mightier than their “colleagues” a few decades ago because they have access to the newest and the most sophisticated arms and methods of killing. Moreover, they have access to all types of information, which is a powerful weapon today. If we remember the tragic events of September 11th, one cannot deny the fact that the television picture looks horribly similar to those depicted in hi-tech thrillers and superhero movies. The Dark Night movie should not be taken literally because all its figures are symbolic. Joker is a villain that stands for the utter and most powerful evil against which contemporary society is helpless. He is a wizard of evil, capable of the most sophisticated crimes’ planning and realization. It is remarkable that the movie reveals the background of Joker’s monstrosity: when he was a child, his father killed his mother mercilessly while the boy was present and disfigured his face with an everlasting smile. So the question arises: if violence causes violence, should we support superheroes like Batman? Although it is possible to agree with the fact that violence causes violence, at the same time it is true that in some situations violence is a necessity. At the stage that Joker has in the movie it would have been ridiculous to try soothing them in another way. For Batman violence is not a goal like for Joker but a tool to ensure that justice overcomes. This is also confirmed by the fact that he is not going to be in this mission forever because it is tiresome for him to kill and to hide his real identity, which is why he hopes to pass his role to Harvey Dent. “Batman has no limits” Wayne says in the movie. No matter whether Batman fights on his own or does it with other people’s hands, he would definitely be helpful to fight real-world villains as well.

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Batman embodies a personality who is able to take hard decisions and actions, which many of today’s politicians lack. “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” he says. Human rights are an aspect of life that is highly appreciated nowadays, so sometimes authorities are scared to take severe measures so as to not be accused of the lacking political correctness, democracy, etc. On the one hand, authorities are mild, while the criminals do not have such tolerance and win as a result. This creates chaos in the community, while more order is needed. Human society is a complicated phenomenon and each being can have an immense effect on the rest of its members. This is a sophisticated system that should stay in order, so a hero like Batman could be a supervisor to observe that this subtle mechanism is not broken; he would be a benefit for our community is having control. Opponents may object that democracy is the core value today and using some force apart from that of law can endanger democracy. One can partially agree with that but as Harvey Dent from the movie says there are situations when democracy does not work, so for the benefit of the whole community less democratic measures should be used. Per his words, it is not an option; it is an obligation in some cases. So, we need Batman to take radical steps in our community that will make it more organized.

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Batman is able to motivate people and can be a good mentor for them. Nowadays many people are so disappointed by the course of events in the contemporary world, that they can hardly find a way to make them believe in happy life. They suffer because of non-stop flow of negative information from television and internet, so they become gloomy about the situation. Every person needs to have values to lean on, so existence of Batman would inspire people to struggle with the injustice. “This city just showed you that it's full of people ready to believe in good” he says in the movie. No doubt, this makes sense nowadays. Some may object that one cannot base spiritual values on cartoon heroes because traditionally religion performs this function in society. On the one hand, this is true but we should confess to ourselves that society has changed. Religion offers mostly passive support to people making them believe that they are protected from any evil. In case with a superhero people would see active support and participation in their lives because unfortunately the evil is mostly active in our world so it needs an adequate strike back. In the movie Batman fights the mafia, rescues the hostages, and saves innocent children. People often hope for such miracles but they rarely happen because an ordinary person is not capable of everything. Batman is a talented mentor which makes him useful to people.

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Finally, humans needs role models to take after, Batman can be the right option. This may sound controversial in the case with superheroes, but it is still true that to grow up people need to have some ideals they follow. Indeed, having a closer look at the movie we can say that not all actions of Batman are non-violent. However, values are important for him, for instance this is made clear in a situation with Harvey Dent at the end of the film. Although it is Harvey who is to blame for the unfortunate events, Batman decides to take his fault. The reason is that he is sure that the most important thing is for people to keep faith in the good. So, if people know that the embodiment of good betrayed them, they will lose confidence that truth and justice win in this world. That is why Batman prefers to be The Dark Night though he is the White Knight in fact. So, he is a strong personality whom people need today to follow them.

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Overall, the question about whether we need a superhero like Batman in our community is quite curious because it makes think about the priorities and values. There are several advantages that existence of superheroes would give to people. First of all, they would help fighting the injustice and rescuing people in situations when humans are helpless. Secondly, they will help to keep order in society, which can be chaotic nowadays and get out of control. Thirdly they would be helpful to people who want to keep their belief in justice and thus give them moral support. In a way, they can be a kind of religious belief because no one ever sees them. Finally, they can be a role model for behavior of other people who need some ideals to follow and help them grow and mature in this way.

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