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Romeo and Juliet is an archetypal story believed to have been written in the 16th century between 1591 and 1595 by William Shakespeare. The writing of the play took place in the city of Verona, which is in Italy. It was a very active city in the sixteenth century. The city was rich in culture and trade. Therefore a writer was sure that if he did an excellent work of writing, the environment would boast him financially leading to a successful writing career. The playwright is about two young individuals who were deeply in love and the consequence of their death was the argument between their quelling families.

The document was written in a form of a drama. Putting in place comedy and tragedy made the document gain popularity. The document has ever since it release been used by upcoming writers as a learning material. They get to know how to expand minor characters and how to use sub plots to decorate their writing.

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Romeo and Juliet play was based on an Italian story. The main theme was romance which has been there since ancient times. The writer expanded his writing incorporating the traditions of the Italian people adding other artifacts to beautify the fairy-tale. The traditions were seen all over the writings putting in place the arguments that the two families of his two main characters had.

The main reason for the writer to do his creative writing was to express his writing ability. However, scholars have outlined other reasons as to why Romeo and Juliet document was written. Others say the reason would be to express the situation that was there politically and socially. Moreover, others have analyzed the reason being to show the moral decay of the rulers and the neglection of responsibilities and its consequences.

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The play faced criticisms in the 18th century from publishers who criticized the theme of the document. They said that the play was only to show the consequences of the two feuding families. Also these criticisms insisted that the play failed to follow the traditional set of laws of drama. However, Shakespeare received support from other writers and some were quoted saying that the play was the most enjoyable.

The most outright theme of the play is love. The main characters; Romeo and Juliet are shown to be representative of youthful lovers. Due to its obvious subject, scholars have researched its historic and language context painting a love image to anyone who hears the title Romeo and Juliet.

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The events in the play became so absolute that the two lovers were so in love not to notice the feud with their families.The play is mostly recommended to young love birds that are in love. The play teaches the lovers on how to be caring and active spouses. They can also learn that simple disagreements in the families can lead to great consequences like the death of the two main characters. On the other hand, the play is rich in literature. Learners study the play and from this, they can learn vocabularies and how to use them. Their writing skills are ignited after studying the play leading to a better educated individual.

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