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Themes in Romantic Literature

The romantics believed that the social world was tough and full of complexities with the nature as the solution of the prevailing situations. The presentation of the art works was based on narratives. Realism was not a major factor in the poetry since the art more of imaginative ideas such as the folk narratives. The impact of the social realism was felt but not much because the narrative was just based on innocence. The poetry was basically based on simplicity and no addition of sophistication or rather a form of realism was embraced.

The nature was mainly the main source of imaginative art work. The art was done through imaginative work about the nature. In the basis of natural appearance, the artists based their arts in relation to the natural properties (William Wordsworth, 2008). Places in nature were commonly featured in the show of the effects of the nature in art and the superiority of the nature over the human. Nature was considered to have power to heal the human soul; the artist sought their subject of the art based on nature (Pennell, 2006). The nature influenced the nature and the lifestyle of the people in the age of romantics. Aspect of life was associated with the nature. From the poem by William Wordsworth, (“We Are Seven” “She had a rustic, woodland air”) the example shows how the nature was featured to quite important in peoples lives.

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Nature was considered as the solution to the problems people were facing due to the influence of the civilization. The artists believed that there was a force in nature that could make things happens even in the time of great worries. "Their spirits are in Heaven!" the nature played a major role in presenting the arts as people believed the power of the nature was supreme (William Wordsworth, 2008). The natural influence was a major impact the in the lives of the people then. Basically the nature was considered a major solution to the intrigues in nature and that everything was found then. The romantic poetry of with the natural characteristics was actually the poetry on meditation.

The subject in the romantic literature was based on the daily life activities which would then be featured in fiction. Though the exotic flavor was not part of the features in the subjects, the romantic literature recognized the exotic places. There was some sense of realism among the romantics as it used to happen in their midst (William Wordsworth, 2008). Though the objective of the literature could not be identified easily, there was a message it carried depending on the time. The literature recognized the uniqueness of an individual and the importance of the individual to the society. The artist depicted the boldness these individuals had. It featured individuals who were depicted as inspired and that the more than others. The romantic literature was basically a successor of the neoclassicist whereby they were concerned with on the collectivity.

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The Romantic literature was not only found in the literature but was widespread in other forms of art. Music, sculpture and painting embraced their work based on the romantic literature. The art was wide spreads in several parts of Europe and in American art. During the time of romantic literature, it was basically the fashion of the art could be accepted by the people in those days (Pennell, 2006). Romanticism was the cause for the change in the culture of the western. The romantic’s age literature artist used their imagination to come up the art. Their work was considered ‘living’ because of the nature and the influence that the nature had over the nature. Most of the art succeeding the romantics considers the role that it played an in imagination and coming up with unique that have translated to several generations.

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