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Three Stories, Three Different Views

The Homeland by Aztlan Gloria Anzaldua, Language and Literature from a Pueblo Indian Perspective by Leslie Marmon Silk, and Lupe's Song on Origins of Mexican-Women-Hating in the United States by Deena J. Gonzalez are just three among the many great stories that tackle some important societal issues such as the human culture, racial clash, feminism, and individual growth, and development. In addition, these three unique stories/essays feature different issues that indeed contribute a lot to the transformation and evolution of the human history. Each of these three stories/essays presents a unique topic, wherein every reader can really gain the moral values. Let's first analyze the story The Homeland by Aztlan Gloria Anzaldua. The story The Homeland tells about the identity and personality of persons kept inside of two cultures, the Anglo-American and that of the famous Aztecs of the Southwestern United States, called the Mestizo. In the story, the land owned by the Mestizo population is gradually seized by the Anglo-American population. The seemingly unfair and unjust procedures of the Anglo-Americans in pushing the Mestizo away from their God-given land are very well presented in this story. The story also presented the different hardships and sufferings that the Mestizo experienced during the times that they were pushed away from their land up to the times that they had been totally separated from. It was during 1848 when the Anglo-Americans totally gained the political power and with it they completely put a "fence" around the so called "new found land" to keep the Mestizo out. Today, even though Mestizo had gradually adopted the American values and culture, still they were exploited as the cheap labor and had been continuously deported. The story The Homeland is a perfect example of racial discrimination; and this is sad to say but it still exists up to this day. Many nationalities especially those coming from the "third world countries" suffer from it. As an example, in the field of employment, they are least prioritized not because they don’t fit the requirements but due to certain factors like the color of their skin. They are also underestimated, and they are given the salary below the minimum one. This is, indeed, a part of the today's reality and racial discrimination that will never end as long as there are people thinking of them as superior and thinking of others as of inferior ones. If there is a question that everyone must answer so this question might probably be, “How will you end racial discrimination?”

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The next story/essay is called Language and Literature from a Pueblo Indian Perspective, and this is a story that would surely attract the attention of those readers that want to know the true meaning of sincerity. The story written by Leslie Marmon Silk is whirling around a Pueblo Indian and his perspective on the language and literature affected by different situations and instances. The story/essay of Silk was opened by an introductory sentence that undoubtedly captured the attention of every reader. The sentence was as, "Where I come from, the words that are most highly valuated are does which are spoken from the heart, unpremeditated and unrehearsed." This sentence carries a deep thought in itself, especially about the sincerity. This is because in the today's world people do not really mean what they are saying and they don't put the sincerity into this; and they don’t even care if the words that come out from their mouth are true. One of the best examples is the politicians all over the world. Flowery words, promises, and so-good-to-be-true platforms coming from them trigger our doubt if they are sincere about what they are saying to us. Well, the answer is a big ”No.” They just say these false promises in order to attract voters to vote for them. Sincerity is one of the valuable characteristics, and it is obviously getting worse. This is what exactly the essay of Silk aims at to share with the importance of being sincere and being true to everything we are saying. Indeed, the highly valuated words are those coming from the very heart. If there is a question that will embody the whole essay of Silk, that question probably would be, “How can you achieve sincerity and how can you apply it into your own example?”

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The last story Lupe’s Song on the Origins of Mexican-Women-Hating in the United States by Deena J. Gonzalez is a story that is included in the book Velvet Barrios. This story is about the Chicano culture signified as the working class and highly-layered and known as the "rasquache aesthetics". The story also goes around the studies of the sexual gender and politics of the early Chicano people and their involvement and participation in the Chicano youth movement. Furthermore, it examines the process how the ideologies of sex and gender are produced and consumed, approved and accepted. The story Lupe's song on the Origins of Mexican-Women-Hating in the United States focuses primarily on the issue of feminism. This is because during the old days women were not given an attention equal to that of men; and that they were the least prioritized by the society. In the story, it presented the different roles that women had been playing in the Chicano culture. It presented how they took part in the youth movement and much more. The author also included the facts how the women had been treated by the society which was far different in comparison with the today’s one. In present, women are considered as having the rights equal to those that the men have, and now they are treated with great care and importance; and there are a lot of women that contributed much to the development and evolution of the world.

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In the summary, the featured stories/essays tell of the different societal issues and their impacts on the evolution of the human history. Feminism, racial discrimination, and sincerity are just few ones among the many societal issues that need the deeper examination, analysis, and reflection. The featured stories/essays nevertheless gave a successful explanation on these issues; they portrayed their impact on the society very well.

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