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The novel Frankenstein is about an experiment that ended in the production of a monster. The monster had to tell its creator about his brief life and everywhere he turned he encountered with disgust and enmity. The monster was living in the woods looking for a family that he could help, and secretly learn their language and culture. After Frankenstein discovered that the suspicion of William was right, the monster threatened his family if his request was not fulfilled as he wanted a companion of similar nature to him because he had been rejected by humans. The refusal of Frankenstein to honor the monster’s request led to every filial attachment to deny him or destroyed thus, blaming his creation. He is led by the monster to the Arctic Ocean where the psychological drama unfolds to the tales of one man destructions.

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Frankenstein was unaware of where to start the search of the monster he created, and thus he went to the cemetery where his friends were buried. The demise of his friends was as a result of the monster he had created, and he swore by the grave to avenge for their deaths. It is from here that the chase begun as Frankenstein followed the monster through Europe and headed to the North Pole. The monster was stashing food and notes that compelled Frankenstein to spur the monster on, which prolonged the living torture for revenge.

Frankenstein was only a mile away on the ocean covered with ice, before the ice broke separating him from the monster leading him toward the Robert Walton’s ship. He demanded the direction of the ship before boarding as he was determined to head north in his pursuit of the monster. He asked Walton to kill the monster if given a chance after he had narrated the whole story. Frankenstein was described by the story telling of Walton to be a prey to all the melancholy and the indignation of his emotions of his story (Shelley, Frankenstein, 2007). Walton had to believe the story even though it was fantastic without doubt as his letters were edited by Frankenstein in order to elaborate it.

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The dreams of Frankenstein were thought to be his comfort by Walton, in which he believed was the visitation by the family’s spirits. Walton though that Frankenstein tragedy destroyed him as he was a man of credibility. He described his youthful life, which he believed was destined to greatness, and this belief was the one that upheld him at the time others were been discouraged. His perseverance was due to the fact that he did not fulfill what was meant by his talent. The creation of the monster was remarkable and miraculous venture though it was hideous as in some way he had achieved the greatness he had yearned and felt destined for with a price that was costly.

All his speculation and hopes were nothing and were like the archangel who was inspired by the omnipotence as he was chained to the eternal hell. The attempt of Frankenstein to pray to God and create life that had caused him in getting to destruction of his own creation. The desire and ambition for glory fashioned the chains that bind him to the monster and his insistence to destroy the monster and dying while attempting. There was sadness in Walton as he though the pain of loosing his new friend, but his friend was so much focused on vengeance that he refused to have new friend ties as his only desire now was the termination of the monster and his reunion with family through his death (Bloom, 2006).

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The lives of Walton’s crew were in his hands as his ship had been enclosed by ice. He was not sure on whether to turn back and head home or the continuation with the journey to North Pole. This was due to his crew being afraid and the deteriorating health of Frankenstein which was lifting Walton spirits in his presence. Walton’s crew demanded to be promised that they were top head home when the ice cleared, and before he answered them, Frankenstein gave them the story of glory. This seemed to be odd as he had been devastated by the search of glory that he created in his life. He was pursuing the monster with passion and ardor the same as the one he created him, although his initial search for glory led to the destruction of his life. He was determined to be successful even though there were physical impossibilities.

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 He told the crew to be men who are more than men, who are steady to their purposes and concrete. He assured them that the ice was not made of stuff as their hearts could be as it was mutable and could not withstand them if they stood to it that it can not be impossible. He discouraged them not to turn to their families with the stigma of disgrace which was marked in their brows, and instead they were to return as heroes who had fought and conquered and who do not know to turn their backs on the enemy. Walton and his crew finally decided to turn back although he was bitter and disappointed for not reaching to the North Pole Frankenstein was insisting on leaving the ship days before the ice cleared the path to home (Shelley, 2009).

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This was due to his quest to pursue the monster, but was deterred by his health and he had to summarize his life as his death beckoned. Frankenstein had refused in his power happiness and wellbeing to fit in the enthusiastic madness of his creation citing that it was not right to be in companion with a first creature. The monster had shown malignity and selfishness in evil by killing of his friends, and was not bound to wretch another as he was supposed to die. He claimed the task carried out by the monster was his and he had failed to prevent it from happening.

Frankenstein duty was to his creation but he felt a great obligation to mankind to protect them from the horrors and destructions that his monster could create. He fulfilled this duty to mankind through his refusal to the monster’s request of companionship, and this brought the wrath of the monster to his family and himself (Shelley, 2009). He asked Walton to seek happiness and tranquility by avoidance of ambitions even if it was the one that would distinguish him in science and discoveries.

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The death of Frankenstein was after he imparted the advice to Walton and as he was finishing writing his letter is when he had noise from Frankenstein room. He discovered that the monster was over the corpse of Frankenstein asking for forgiveness for the destruction he had caused, and tries to justify his crimes to Walton. He was not courageous to face the monster as he had promised that given a chance he would kill the monster. The monster jumped over to the raft he had come with, and was swept away by the waves, through the window to avoid being killed by Walton claiming that he had to burn himself in the North Pole to destroy the trace of its existence. The monster had only found emotional ruin due to its destruction to its creator.

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