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Business Ethics Reflective Journal

Enquiry refers to looking for facts, information or knowledge. This is usually through questioning. Inquiry process is an inborn thing whereby people have it in their lifetime from their birth to their last day on earth. When babies are born, they begin to learn about the world through a process of inquiry. From the time of birth, babies are seen to turn in the direction of sounds, put things on their mouths, and hold on to objects amongst others characters. Inquiring process begins with data and information collection through the process of applying the six senses of human. Inquiry-based learning involves questioning which, if applied correctly, produces knowledge. Enquiry-based learning is very important in my learning because it is not just about memorizing facts. It is about comprehending information and understanding the available data. It will help me understand clearly areas that are of interest to me and areas that are vague. It will enable to me continue searching for information in my lifetime (What is Enquiry Based Learning, 2004).

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Seminar-based learning approach focuses on passing information to groups. They can either be small or large. This has its challenges. Sometimes, there is a lack of individual attention due to the numbers involved. An individual might lack confidence in raising question. Despite these challenges, I find this approach beneficial to my learning due to the following reasons. One is able to get different points of view from the group members. This is because people grasp things differently, thus bringing out their different facets.

Morals are more connected to the social fundamentals. They are widely accepted due to this fact. They are the basis of how we judge individuals. Morals are all about what is right and what is wrong in relation to the society. On the other side, ethics are related to a specific professional field. They are embraced by a specific group of people. They are developed from within these groups and are different across the board. Unethical can also mean unprofessional (Ethics and Morality, 2010). It is useful to understand morals and ethics through exploring beyond a business as usual approach. This is because one will be able to upgrade the professionalism involved in the business and also raise the moral standards upheld in the business in relation to the community they are operating in.

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Beyond a business as usual approach is all about changing the paradigm shift of doing your day-to-day activity in relation to business. This is about developing new concepts and strategies that have not yet been tested anywhere else. Understanding beyond a business as a usual approach will help in the development of competitive products and services that are acceptable across the board. This will help in improving the morality and the ethical standards upheld in the business.

I think I can exercise my values and moral principles in an organization. Values are the policies or guidelines in which we make a verdict on what is right and wrong. Morals are all about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable socially. I believe in guarding what I think is true and what is morally right. I know that this might prove to be costly to my career especially in organizations that have unscrupulous senior personnel. On the other hand, it might be my key to success. Maintaining values and moral principles will most often than not land you into an error free ground.

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