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Conflict Management

1. Explain which aspect of the video clip is the conflict you wish to address (brief narrative). Be sure to also include a brief description of the link or the actual video clip you chose to analyze (ex: “King Kong vs. Godzilla”).

In this video, there is a conflict between two colleagues, whereby one of them claims that the other one does not respect him at all. However, instead of them sitting down and solve their conflict in a democratic way, they start yelling at each other and they end up fitting. To hit the nail on the head, when the mediator tries to solve the matter and solve their conflict, one of the colleagues walks out from the office. In this video, the use of verbal and non verbal language has been applied.

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2. What type of conflict occurred in the video clip you analyzed (See table 9.1 on page 286)? Explain.

This type of conflict arising from the workplace is known as Personality Clashes. These types of conflict in the workplace are often fueled by emotion and perceptions about somebody else's motives and character. This is a clear evident from both characters the way they are acting.

3. Were power, gender, and/or culture involved in the communication interaction? Be sure to justify your answer.

No, both employees have equal power and there was no gender or culture involvement.

4. How was the conflict handled (name at least one way mentioned in the text and justify your answer)?

The conflict was handled in a forceful manner (war).

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5. What were the conflict resolutions and outcomes as referenced in your text? Be specific.

The resolutions and outcome of this conflict was negative effects. Both characters may up ended injuring themselves, and they conflict will still persist.

6. Analyze your results. Within which type of relationship in your life (personal, romantic, professional, online) do you feel you can best apply the concepts learned in Chapter 9? How can you apply these concepts? How will this application impact the relationship? Be specific and provide examples.

It’s very vital to handle any conflict in a democratic way, as war will never bring any solutions. If someone may want to maintain a good relationship, he/she must put their self interest aside and bring interests that will be welcomed by all stakeholders. In addition, you should love your friend or any other person the way you love yourself, and by doing so, no conflict will ever arise.

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