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Team Building

In a workplace environment some work groups are bound to work better together than others. There are factors that contribute towards group differences. Of most importance is the issue of group leadership. A successful work group is always inspired by a good leader. In this case, the members are able to work hard with the directions of the leader. Groups that lack good leadership at the workplace are more likely to stray from the common purpose hence they remain behind as the other groups achieve progress. The nature and composition of work groups is also very important in their performance. Work groups that consist of people who are sharp and productive will outperform groups that are made up of poor performers. A combination of both good performers and poor performance can produce high performance work groups where members complement each other.(Murdock&Sutt, 2004)

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Cooperation amongst group members is essential towards their good performance. The composition of groups determines the level of cooperation and eventual performance. It is therefore important for leaders to make sure that the needs of members are provided so as to ensure that there is cooperation and high performance at the workplace.

The level of motivation at the workplace is an important factor that determines the performance of groups. Groups that are highly motivated will end up performing much better that those that are less motivated. The leaders also play an important role in motivating the members of work groups at the workplace. The aspect of incentives is also crucial towards team performance. The kind of incentive offered to the workgroup members makes them to keep focus on the main purpose hence their performance. Group performance is influenced by a combination of factors that affect the members. In an organization it is important for good team spirit to be nurtured amongst the employees to ensure that they perform well in their groups.(Fairweather,2010).

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