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Implementation, Strategic Controls


Atlas Air Worldwide Holding (AAWW) is a US based company that provides outsourced aviation and aircraft operating services throughout the world serving Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, South America, North America, and Asia. Having implementation, strategic, and contingency plan is very important to the success of this company. As Pearce & Robinson (2011, p. 358) contend, strategy implementation involves a series of steps where a company initiates various programs and investments over a specified period.

Implementation Plan

It is common knowledge that for any company to grasp the attention of customers and boost growth innovation is needed when developing and introducing new products or services (Pearce & Robinson, 2010, p. 123). In this regard, the success of innovation depends on AAWW’s willingness to take risks and effectively manage processes to achieve maximum potential of a newly introduced service. This process will entail the identification of a workable implementation plan that is driven by objectives, action items, tasks, functional tactics, resource allocation, milestones, and deadlines. An example of a solid implementation plan, a Gantt chart and a work breakdown structure will be included for reference.  Venturing into passenger flight services is a new business line AAWW will focus on as part of the company’s main strategy for increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. To begin this expansion program, AAWW should start to lay out the implementation plan. By venturing into passenger flight services the company will not only be expanding but also creating more appeal to its customers. This will be a win-win situation for both the company and the customers because the company will grow while the customers will be satisfied. This will ensure a long lasting relationship between them. The implementation plan entails the identification of the objectives and the functional tactics that will ensure the objectives are met. The plan has been summarized in the table below.

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Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt Chart

To insure that this new line of business is successful a new project manager should be hired. Under the guidance of this project manager a work breakdown will begin by developing a plan for delegate duties for the new unit at AAWW e.g. hiring additional staff. This process is depicted in a flow chart in the Appendix 1 of this paper. Moreover, a Gantt chart that shows the specific tasks, the portion of work completed, and the amount of estimated time needed to complete each task is also attached (Appendix 2). The project manager will have the responsibility of assigning specific duties to team members, while keeping in mind the essential parameters of design. In keeping up with the important parameters of the design, the project manager will manipulate certain parameters so that the successful completion of cohesiveness among employees and customers as well as the division of labor is established. Mintzberg et al. (2003, p. 132) assert that training, job specialization, indoctrination, unit grouping, and liaisons devices will play a vital role in the successful implementation of this project.

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Licensing of this new line of business also forms part of the breakdown structure. Considering that this is a new service that AAWW is introducing, the company will have to acquire new license that shows it has complied with all the rules and regulations that govern the passenger flight service sector. Therefore, the business license of the entire organization must be changed so that it can include this new line of business. Advertising this new line of business should be first priority for AAWW. This will include the analysis of effective advertisements and developing an advertisement that will promote this new line of business of AAWW. Tables 2 and 3 indicate the work breakdown structure.

AAWW will rely on several key factors in order to secure the success of its new line of business. Customer feedback will be the main factor that the company will rely on to find out the success of this new line of business. Feedback will ensure that AAWW tailors this new service to the expectation of customers. This strategy is very important because it ensures that the customer is satisfied. In the end, the company may use customer satisfaction surveys and questionnaires to forge ahead. However, it is important for AAWW to understand that achieving satisfaction rating of 80 percent and above is mandatory if the company intends grow through this new line of business.

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Risk Management and Contingency Plan

Introduction of the passenger flight services in AAWW’s operations will create additional risks for the company. Therefore, it is up to the company and the project’s management team to develop a risk management plan in order to mitigate the risks that may arise. The company should ensure that it has the capacity of running this new service without affecting the operation of the current services. The company should be prepared to invest more money on this venture by putting aside enough money to cover the start-up cost. AAWW should also be prepared to market this new line of business in order to make it successful. These additional costs must be accounted for in the company’s budget to prevent any unnecessary expenses (Mintzberg et al., 2003, p. 99). To control costs the company should start this new venture in small-scale and gradually expand. Customer feedback should form the basis of this gradual development.  To mitigate legal risks AAWW should ensure that all licenses and proper permits are in place before introducing new service. On the same note, the company should liaise with its legal counsel to understand other legal liabilities such as insurance.

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The discourse above has highlighted the importance of putting in place an implementation plan before introducing a new product or service. Similar to other services that the company offers, the new service will be successful only if the discussed requirements are put in place. The customers and the company culture are vital to AAWW success. Expanding services is vital for any company because it enhances customer loyalty and long-term relationship.

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