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Introduction to Security

Everyone wants to feel safe and confident. That is why people use different types of security programs to protect their homes, business and private life in general. There are three types of security programs which are popular nowadays. They are contract, proprietary, and hybrid services. Contract security offers the system of hiring qualified officers and is mostly used by companies and firms. Proprietary system, on the other hand, is more suitable for homes and stores. If one is looking for or developing such a system for himself/herself, probably he/she will choose the hybrid one as it is more functional. It provides facility of wired and wireless systems of security. Three Fortune 500 companies made the move to hybrid system utilizing proprietary inspection, contract officers and increased mainstay on electronic advancements to replace overworn equipment and guards (Fischer &Halibozek, 2008).

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If imagine that an elderly couple who runs a small grocery store asks for advice about purchasing a safe, one will need to answer the following questions: for what purpose do they need it? Where in the store would it be placed? Is it a safe for keeping cash only? Does it need to have fire or water resistance? What type of lock should be used? Depending on these answers one can understand what to recommend so that the couple would be satisfied with their purchase.

Speaking about the Castellammarese War in New York between Italian mafia families, it should be noted that the impact on organized crime was huge and terrible. The drug industry prospered, the corruption was a normal thing for politics and judges. Most of the city infrastructure was covered by mafia. They controlled everything and everyone till the war ended in the 1931. Mafia did not disappear though but its impact gradually lessened. Eventually mafia continued to maintain distinct identities.

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The five of Italian mafia families are still living in the United States. They are: Bonanno, Gambino, Colombo, Lucchese and Genovese crime families. Every family has its current official boss, who is the most powerful and respectful person for his dependents. If one wants to be a part of the criminal family he will have to prove his devotion and ability to be useful not just as an associate member but as a full one. In order to become a full member one have to be sponsored by the captain of the family, who can bring him to the boss. Then the special ceremony of acceptance occurs. This ceremony can differ from family to family, but the main idea is to check whether the person is congruous or not.

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