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Knowledge Creation

What are the strengths and weaknesses associated with addressing your work-based problem using scientifically rigorous or a practically useful approach?

There are several strengths in usage of scientifically rigorous approach to solve the problem of knowledge maintenance in our organization. Scientific rigorous approach uses mathematical and economic models to solve organizational problems (Fincham & Clark, 2009). Thus, most of the approach’s results this will be sufficient. In addition, scientific rigorous approach considers all variables while solving organizational problems. It will help to ensure that right decisions are made. However, this approach has certain weaknesses, since it sometimes ignores contributions from employees as managers concentrate only on scientific variables to solve organization problems. A practical approach is useful since it allows contributions from employees while solving organization problems. It will help in improving teamwork and motivation among employees. This method is weak since it requires much time and money for its implementation.

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How could evidence-based management enable you address your workplace-based problem?

Evidence-based management could enable addressing the problem of knowledge maintenance in several ways. Managers using this method make important decisions based on the best available scientific evidence (Rousseau, 2006). In addition, this method emphasizes the importance of observing ethics while making management decisions. Firstly, I would review studies carried out by different organizations on how they implemented cultural change programs. It will enable me to formulate successful cultural change strategies. Additionally, I will ask all the members in my organization about the factors that motivate them to maintain information. The results of this interview will help me to implement policies promoting information sharing and teamwork in our organization. I will also observe ethics while implementing the cultural change by valuing the contribution of each employee.

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Why are we concerned about issues of rigor and relevance in relation to the creation of

management knowledge?

We are concerned about the issues of rigor and relevance in relation to the creation of management knowledge due to several reasons. The research’s environment is changing. Thus, information technology facilitates efficient research. However, the gap between rigor and relevance has been increasing; and it is important for researchers and practitioners to bridge this gap (Shrivasta, 1987). According to research conducted by several scholars, social systems are self-referential and thus, they cannot be integrated into another system such as business organization. Due to the difference between management science and practice, it is not possible to show the relevance of an output of research from science (Kieser and Leiner, 2009). It creates problems in the management of knowledge. However, management researchers can bridge the gap between rigor and relevance by adopting self-evident research. In this approach, researchers will derive their research questions from practice and not from existing research.

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What are the pitfalls and problems associated with systematic review as a method of

evidence-based management and what are the alternatives to this approach?

Several pitfalls and problems are associated with systematic review as a method of evidence-based management. Systematic review concentrates on a review of the literature that aims at appraising, identifying, and synthesizing research questions for evidence-based management. However, the literature may be various since cultural pressures may influence different researches. It may result to inconsistent literatures (Morrell, 2008). Furthermore, replication studies and repeated tests indicate that most publishers refuse to publish their works due to the fear of criticisms. It leads to lack of the literature. There are several alternatives to this approach. One of the alternatives is reprise. This approach highlights the moral and political implications of management as practice and management as research.

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