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Diet Pill Advertising

A third of American population is obese. The increased number of obese people has sparked off an increasing need of using dietary products and services. Because of this huge demand the weight loss industry is growing. Many people are now seeking to use diet pills in order to lose weight.

Diet pills adverts have phrases and words aimed at attracting potential consumers within the American society. Dieting pills’ advertisements find readily receptive clients seeking the best possible way to lose weight. In order to attract consumers, such advertisements lead to a certain fuzz of perception and a distorted picture of reality since they portray how effective the pills are. They make the market believe that the products work. Persuasive commercials involving celebrity models are used to show how the products have turned to be effective to them. It is obvious that the diet pills advertisements are not educative to consumers but are created rather to emphasize the need to use the products and to make the consumers see the pills as the ultimate solution to obesity.

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Advertising in America is influenced by what is affecting the majority of the population. The use of widespread and pervasive advertising, such as involvement of a celebrity in an advert, creates a ready market for products. People associate more with what a celebrity does to address a burning issue. Americans make their decisions basing on what the celebrity does rather than finding their own solutions of addressing an issue affecting them. Pervasive adverts thus make the American population consume without having sound reasons why they should be using certain products in the first place. For instance, the majority of diet pills are not effective but most people use them without having any idea of the products efficacy. This is because the marketers are targeting the American market by using misleading information on the use of diet pills that always goes unnoticed by the masses.

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