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Music Report

The Oklahoma State University department of music enable us to attend a concert were the classical music was played for the duration we were inside. The performer was dressed smartly and the general appearance of the stage was well organized. Moreover, the audiences were received with great humility as they were being directed to their sits for the concert. There was a single performer who did different types of music, her main instrument used was violins with four bowed strings arrange in order of pitch starting from lower order to overall pitch. It was played while the instrument resting between the chin and shoulder.

The music was polyphonic because several music were played this was evident when the singer had done a song, she would come back in the stage and start a new song with the different sound. The sound was smooth; it was flowing with the instrument and very entertaining. The music played was basically from the key. From the smooth sound produced mostly it was addressing a sad situation this could be evident by how the violist was nodding her head. The sound of harmony reminds me of blues example, instrumental song sang by William Rodgers even though he uses trumpet. The harmony points into a music era were people will be enjoying instruments sounds as they reflects on their lives. Moreover, various different classification on sound was used such as, super shot, short, medium, long and very long.

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The melody is conjunct because it could be described as consisting of a single step scale, the pitch ranges from the lower point to the overall pitch, it’s evident when the violist start she starts very low and then increase until the maximum. The dynamics ranges from loudness to softness and vice versa, the violist was good in in reproducing them in performance. She was able to increase the melody gradually and sometimes drastically to its loudness or softness at a point it made me feel uncomfortable because the loud sound was not producing a relaxing environment.

The tempo of the music was of quality, there was no very high speed that makes the performance boring and noisy or very slows making the music uninteresting. The soft sound was frequently used and it recorded highest on the prevalent meter. Though, there is change in the meter reading with the normal or loud sound but still soft sound dominated the period. Moreover, there was a recurring pattern in the performance especially on the pitch. Metrical rhythm was used in a small percentage as it is most used in beats, free rhythm was produced by the instrument and measured rhythm was widely used based on the fraction specified time. Syncopation was used especially when the violist stressed on a particular sound example super shot.

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There is repetition in the song like sound, short and medium sounds are widely used in the music. The work was ternary because the violist performs three times. It was a sonata because from definition it is defined as a classical composition for solo instrument. The rhythmic repetition based on the experimental and the meter gauge the message becomes clearer and entertaining as the violist try to convince the audience with different types of sound.

In conclusion, the sound was the most attractive; the violist balanced them very good to an extent that at the end of every performance the audience clapped. Most of the sound produced in the presentation is basically personal creation. Despite, most of the sound is learned but the creativity of an individual really matters in handling of the instrument. The composer create misty sound to enable listeners reflect on their emotional life as they remember their past experience. In the end of the show I felt fully entertained and more educated as I could relate what I am learning in classroom and the real life situation. It was really such a nice experience.

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