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Traditional American-Indian Songs

Since ancient times, the most precious things have come to our present days. It is natural that when we start our journey, we usually take only those things that will be really needed. The same happens to other people, other communities as well as nations, for instance, the American Indians.

Through different troubles and catastrophes, they have managed to bring and save their precious treasures - folklore, tales, legends, and of course, songs. A song is considered one of the most precious treasure amongst others. It can be compared with a golden bar which is melted by the heart ardour of many American-Indian generations. Surely, the traditional song could have disappeared due to different reasons, but it is like phoenix that comes out of ash and is reborn among those who have survived.

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When the traditional song is performed, it seems that some voices are heard. These are voices of fathers, grandfathers, all ancestors, and unique nature. Each generation carefully takes these songs from the previous one to remember the past, performs them to enjoy the present, and gives them to the next generation to continue the future. The American-Indians sing songs when a child is born or when a person dies, when they are joyful or sad, when they are lonely or celebrate something. It is obvious that the song accompanies them the whole their life.

Once, while walking in the park, I heard a very gentle and peaceful melody that was being played somewhere in the distance. When I came closer, I saw two men who were dressed in traditional American-Indian clothes and were performing this melody. It was rather fascinating to listen to this meolody. As I found out, it was called 'Moring Song.' It is difficult to express my feelings in words, but I have to confess that I have never felt anything before. In that very moment, it evoked an incomparable palette of feelings that a person has been ever able to feel. When I asked one of two men about this melody, about its meaning, and about his feelings and emotions, he answered that not only this melody but a great amount of other melodies and songs are like a deep well which bottom is covered with hoarfrost of countless centuries. This well is located somewhere in the depth of the beautiful American land, and the only aim of these two men is not only to save the American-Indian heritage for the next generations but to share it with other people. To tell the truth, I am completely agree with these idea.

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