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Music is a part of the society, it is certain that good music or rather the music we enjoy gives us some form of soothing and calming sensation. Sing to a child who does not even understand a single word being sang, and they will be seen relaxing and falling into a slumber. That is the power and undeniable therapy that music gives us.

Music is the combination of vocal or instrumental sound or sometimes both these produce a beautiful form of harmony which is an expression of emotions. Music always goes hand in hand with feelings, the songs we sing or would like to listen to when we are sad, happy or disappointed vary based on the emotions that one may be having at that moment.

The music associated with childhood includes lullabies and the sweet preschool rhymes. Lullabies always had the calming effect of being loved and cared for. A lullaby sang to me before sleeping assured me of protection because I always thought that my mother was right there sleeping with me. This enhanced the relationship between my mother and I. The preschool rhymes I could say greatly enhanced my verbal skills (Harris, 2009). The songs sang during my childhood makes me think of those times with a lot of nostalgia.

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Adolescents most at times listen to music only to conform to their peers. For adolescents, the reason why a track of music will interest them is only because their age mates feel it is good. This is the main driving force for the adolescents’ choice of music; as long as a track is topping the charts they will find it to be cool. (Mash & Wolfe, 2008) Sometimes, however, they will listen to music based on their emotions. This is a time when most of them are in relationships, and sometimes they listen to music like the soft blues when they are heartbroken or feeling loved. Hard rock may be listened to when they want to get over something. When feeling low, I listen to cool soul music to lighten up my spirits.

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There are times when we need comfort. This are always moments when you’ve lost someone, and the only way of comfort is through music. Death is always inevitable and untimely and songs provide the much needed empathetic companionship. These songs always have the message of assuring us a reunion with the person we have lost. This lessens the disappointment that we may be having of losing them too early. Comforting songs especially at the time of bereavement sometimes answer some of the questions we may be having about death and this helps us to deal with the stress that occurs with death. There is always an assurance of hope and survival, and the message that the departed ones are in a much better place and that it is the will of God for them to rest. This is the comfort we get when we listen to songs upon the loss of people we love. The music here includes the Christian songs that we sing in church and some songs that are sung during bereavement.

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During happy occasions, there is always music to crown the event. Songs are like icing on the cake to a happy occasion. The arrival of a newborn child to a family is always a happy occasion and it is an event that is crowned with songs. Parents will always remember a song that was there during the christening of their child. Graduations and engagements are the other happy occasions and happy songs are always sung. Wedding ceremonies too are happy occasions. The bride is always very particular with the choice of song to ensure that it sets the mood right on this important occasion.

Music is therapeutic and always sets us in the mood that we wish to be, and reminds us of the happy occasions that we had.

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