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Music Presentation

Music is the ability of arranging sounds in time so as to form an endless, integrated, and suggestive composition, through tune, harmony, beat and tone. When an object vibrates, it creates a sound. The ears identify the vibration and then send it to the brains. The brains then analyze the signals. It then make one know the type of sound. In elementary schools, children mostly learn how to play instruments like keyboards, guitars, sing in small choirs and the use of drum.

Dynamics is an element that is very important. When composing a song one should indicate the notches either loud or soft where necessary. If these voices base, tenor or soprano are needed, they should be sang by different students with these different sounds. While teaching music, melody is needed. Melody is the tune which a song gives, or a bit of music. I will demonstrate by use of a keyboard how the alphabetical letters “A, B, C, D, E, F, G”will make different sounds. “DO” is always the letter “C”. This will help the children acquire a very powerful feeling of pitch and understanding of music key centers. The student should learn how to use the solfege scale which are “DO, RE, MI FA, SO, LA, TI, DO”.

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In the keyboard letter “C” represent “DO” When one is presenting a song or any type of music, it must have a rhythm. The rhythm can be enhanced by clapping with the rhythm of the song. For example, “TA, AA, AA.” can be used. Drums could also be used to provide different sounds in a certain song. Finally, the Beats are used to give music a rhythm. One should use beats in a song so that it can have rhythm and people can enjoy it. You should use a drum beat to produce a low sound or different sizes of metal rods to produce different sounds. These beats will match with the rhythm of the song at different intervals (Dawson, 2010).

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