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Rock styles (past and future) other than Motown musical style had similar concerns

Motown musical style was one of the soul music styles that played a significant role in racial integration of the popular music. However, it is not the only musical style as there are other rock styles. Some of the rock musical styles that emerged include folk rock, country rock, blues-rock, and the jazz rock fusion. New genres of rock style have emerged, which include progressive rock that extended artistic elements like glam rock. In addition, it highlights visual style and showmanship that incorporate the use of heavy metals that emphasize on speed, volume, and power. In 1970s, Punk rock was another new rock style that intensified to react against some earlier trends of rock.

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It aimed at incorporating new strategies characterized by energy performances that criticized some social and political aspects. Punk then lead to the development of other rock styles, which includes new wave and the post punk that eventually led to another option of rock movement in 1980s. In 1990s alternative, rock dominated the rock musical style and got a break through to the system in the form of Britpop, indie, and grunge rock (Charlton, 2006). At the beginning of the 21st century, new rock styles, which include rap, pop punk, and rap metal, and conscious attempts of revisiting rock's history that include the garage or post punk entered.

African-American identity created by the marketing of Motown and the message of soul

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The identity created by the marketing of the Motown was that of royalty aimed at improving the perception about the American and African actors (Shepherd, 2003). They conducted their performances while embracing the use of electric bass guitar, while using the style of the gospel music. In the Motown musical style marketing, actors were well groomed during the live performances. This aimed at getting a breakthrough at the market thus becoming ambassadors for the other African American artists. In addition, it aimed at getting acceptance in the market, and as a result, they were supposed to act, talk, walk, and think like royalty.  This was believed that it could help to improve the image that had earlier been perceived about during the earlier times of the black musicians.

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Identity compared to that of the later soul and funk groups

Funk groups performed much in the Motown records and were identified as individuals who conducted their performances using two drums. These drums were either played together or while overdubbing one another. On the other hand, soul group were identified as individuals who conducted their music with the rhythm of the gospel and blues (Shepherd, 2003). This later translated to be like the funk group performance as they also embraced the use of two drums played together or in single. The American, African identity of royalty performances was majorly contributed to by the funk and soul group performances. This is because; they both adopted the gospel and the blues music rhythm.

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Possibility of effort to establish an identity in the rock styles

Yes, this is because although the rock musical style embraced the use of the blues and rhythm, it did not incorporate the gospel music style. In addition, it places a lot of embassies on having musicians to conduct live performances rather than having recordings only as the other musical styles (Charlton, 2006).

Possibility of connection of performers of heavy metal and hip hop to this discussion

Yes, this is because; for instance in the rock musical style new advancement currently have incorporated some sub-genre that uses heavy metals that emphasize high power, speed, and volume (Campbell and Brody, 2007). Furthermore, through this, its embraces social and cultural movements that led to key sub-cultures. In addition, most of the times, it has been associated with the political activism, changes in social attitudes towards race, drug use and sex.

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Often, it has been perceived as one that brings youth revolt against adult conformity and consumerism. Finally, while looking at the Motown musical style, both the ethical issues of conducting music by the hip hop performers is being incorporated in performances (Shepherd, 2003). This is so because of the aim and intention of attract the target audiences.

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