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Garbage Project started and developed rapidly in order to determine the specific features of population living in Southern Illinois. However, the main idea of the research was concentrated on the usage of multiple methods of reconstruction specific consumption patterns of the population of the Carbondale area.

Anthropology researches the special conditions and recognizes the way of life of people according to different issues. Garbage project is directed on the determination of people`s way of life based on the trash that they used to throw out. Here we may speak about different features that could be determined while such research: sex, age, life interests and priorities. In this essay we need to analyze two trash cans of two different people or different groups of people in order to determine features of people who left it. This trash was collected in normal conditions of life for nearly two weeks.

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We need to consider what we could tell about the person or people who produced this trash.

In Feature A bin we could see mostly trash that is left after food products: eggshell, some cheese snacks, plastic bottle, cans from different drinks (Peace tea), canned food, some package from fast food (soup, chicken product), cheese& macaroni, Red Bull, Pepto-Bismol (some kind of stomach medicine).

In Feature B can we may find another kind of trash. There is no trash from any food products. However, we could find some magazines, booklets (sports magazine, a booklet Museum of Science and Industry), wet wipes, some kind of sinus drops, non-aspirin allergy sinus medicine, pack of cigarettes (Pall Mall), and some special staff for pedicure, something with pink bow.

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In case of Feature A we may speak about activities due to the information we gathered while researching this trash bin. Probably, activity of this person or group needs a lot of time and that means that there is not enough time to prepare meals (that is why we could see various cans from different products, fast food). However, we may also notice that this way of life does not bring positive result to the person. Thus, we also find some kind of stomach medicine (Pepto-Bismol). Probably we are speaking about students.

After researching Feature B can and conducting analysis we noticed that this is probably the trash not from the house, but it is likely to be taken from working place. Maybe, not exactly from work, but maybe it could be taken from near the working table.

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The order of things that were had found in the Feature A trash can:

  • Peace tea;
  • Packages and cans from some kind of fast food;
  • Stomach medicine- Pepto-Bismol;
  • Various cans from drinks;
  • Canned food package;
  • Eggshells;
  • Macaroni& cheese;
  • Red Bull.

If we could see the objects clearly we may understand what things were deposited first and what things were deposited after. Moreover, some of things are connected by the purpose of use, so we could make the conclusion that they were deposited one after another.

We could not figure out the things that were thrown to the trash can if the trash can was dark or if the things inside were not clearly recognized and the order is extremely difficult to determine.

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Things from Feature B can in order we found them:

  • Some black bottle with pink bow;
  • Sinus drops;
  • Non-aspirin allergy medicine;
  • Pall Mall;
  • Sport newspaper/magazine;
  • Wet wipes;
  • Booklets (Museum of Science and Industry).

If the objects were seen in the can and not they mixed we would be able to identify the order in which they were deposited. Moreover, it is logically to gather the objects by the purpose of use in order to understand the right order.

We would not figure out the things that were thrown to the trash can if it could not be observed well or all the things are the same and they are mixed a lot.

After researching and analyzing the Feature A trash can we can make some valuable conclusions about person/people who may have deposited this trash. In this case it seems that we need to speak about one person, who collected this trash for several weeks in the conditions of normal life. Probably we are speaking about young man, who is possibly a student. Thus, his age may vary from 18 to 25. Considering the socioeconomic status, we already mentioned that this person is possibly a student.

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Moreover, we could see various packages from fast food and canned food. This also shows that we are not speaking about a family or people of high social position. However, while determining possible time of the year when this trash was collected we may speak about summer. Thus, there are some cans from cold drinks, but no packages from coffee or tea.

The Feature B can demonstrates another kind of trash. There are no tins, packages and canned food. This trash is more likely to be collected at the working place. Here we may speak about woman, as there are some things that seem to be personal and characterize woman (some kind of plastic bottle with pink bow and staff for pedicure). Probably she is also of young age (19-30) and may work as fitness instructor. The social status is average, as there is no any luxury staff found in trash.

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There is no doubt that the conclusions we made were possible because of all the elements that we have found in the trash cans. There is no something more or less important. Different things gave us different information. However, in Feature A basic staff is important for research: medicine, canned food and drinks; in Feature B women staff played important role (bow and pedicure instrument) and newspapers gave us the understanding of person`s interests.

Garbage project is a specific study that researches the way of people`s life, habits, health issues on the basis of the trash that they used to produce. While conducting research and analysis it is possible to determine wide range of specific issues: sex, age, social status, health issues, and life interests.

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In this essay we were analyzing two trash cans to figure out the information mentioned above. Thus, from only trash bin we could make several valuable conclusions that gave as the understanding of people who left that trash.

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