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How does the struggle to acquire food in the U.S. contribute to global poverty?


The study is important since eliminating global poverty resulted from struggle for acquiring food security has become an important aspect of the American economy. It requires public policies that aim at creating an investment in the development of agriculture in order to reduce global poverty in the United States (Brown, Swanson, & Barton, 2003). In addition, it will reduce risk factors enabling to achieve a reliable source of food and job opportunities that will assist in alleviating global poverty. The research will analyze a positive relation between global poverty and management of the economic stability in America. There is a positive relationship between global poverty and food security of the United States as the middle class people in the world depend on the state of food security in America (Boudreaux, Davern, & Graven, 2011). It demonstrates the casual relation between variables and the impacts on struggle for food in fighting global poverty. The results of deficiency in food are devastating since many people have been affected by famine crisis. The Third World sees America as a role model in managing food insecurity. To solve the situation, certain laws and policies aimed at eliminating the food crisis in the United States should be implemented. Therefore, it is important to develop new programs such as budget review geared to alleviate global poverty (Austin, Macgowan, & Wagner, 2005).

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Literature Review


According to Johnson (2012), attention has been paid to the climate change in the United States and this has led America to adopt techniques in its quest of achieving food security. The strategies taken in America have driven the Third World to conditions that might not favor them in terms of global poverty. The role of agriculture in reduction of poverty in Third World countries has been spearheaded by the need to have food globally. According to the  study conducted by Aronowitz (2001), immigration in the struggle for food security and global poverty in the United State has become a strategy for  poor countries. It has developed into a major response to poverty of people in poor countries since the trade in this situation has been subjected to competition hence there is a great downward pressure on wages leading to global poverty.  

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A research done by Aviles and Helfrich, (2004), sees  the economy of the United States as rich with a large  amount of capital machinery, which is relative to production of labor but  poor nations tend to rely on low capital hence increased in poverty at the expense of America. It is hard to o be eligible to capital  since middle level economies cannot have reliable source to get funds. This method has changed the areas unsuitable for crop production to an enabling zone that supplies food to America and hence having positive impact on alleviating global poverty. Grossman and Hayghe (1982) demonstrate that  single mothers who cannot afford to feed their family, get support from the potential low-income association to keep their families and this exhibits how food struggle in America has led to global poverty. The security expenditure that represents half of the United States federal government is much larger than the expenditure to assist poor people globally that are prone to hunger. The impact has become a significant role in developing culture of single parents to fight global poverty and food security and this will maintain global status in regard to continuous struggle.

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Some Issues/Arguments

One of the major assessments in global poverty has become a devastating thing in the United States because of the international food crisis that has  led other nations to spend most of their  resources on food. The international food prices have doubled up and have led  lower-income class of people in the rural parts of developing countries to continue wallowing in poverty. The effect of the price increase globally with lower income increases food deficit in countries with fewer stocks to feed the citizen (Bello, Cunningham, & Rau, 1999). The arguments to fight food security and global poverty is difficult since the stable nation like United States with  vast resources are able to buy food  while hindering developing countries leading them to global poverty. Americans are able to get food security and therefore their struggle is felt by other countries that cannot afford it due to stiff competition. The population of over 1billion people in rural and urban areas are poor and ranked as the hungry world in which they have to compete with America in terms of food (Schmitz, 2004). These conditions of poverty caused the death of people, divorce, and the poor economy. Through the argument, the paper focuses on the lessons learnt in connection with global poverty and the ways  they should be alleviated in response to the world food program. The aftermath of the global poverty and food security revealed that there is a gap between screening standards and the long-term health standard. From this excerpt while America is struggling to feed themselves, the entire of the Third World  remains  in poverty (Lal, 2005). On the other hand, it focuses on laws, policies, and the budgets in regard to the issues and the effective ways, in which the laws and policy can make significant differences in improving global poverty and the struggle for food.

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The research has been focused on possible solutions to the situation and the strategies for the working nation to react to the crisis. It has been proposed that the economic situation should be improved by implementing outstanding policies and laws focused on eliminating global poverty and ensuring food security in the United States. The food agency programs are aimed at solving the situation by providing food to the public. These initiatives create assurance and transparency in world food programs to enable the public to get access to food.

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