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Should Marijuana be Legalized?

Legalize or not legalize marijuana? Authorization of possession and supply of marijuana in U.S is at the center of controversy. The National Law categorizes Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug under Control Substance Act of 1970 (Lemos 698). In 16 states of America, the use of marijuana for health reasons is legal (Cerda et al. 23). The move by some states to legalize Cannabis for leisure use has conflicted with the Federal laws. Supporters of the move to legalize the use of marijuana argue that Cannabis is no more unsafe than alcohol. Supporters argue that legalization of marijuana will bring in income to the states. They argue that the use of the drug should only be limited when a person is driving. On the other hand, opponents argue that legalization of the drug will lead to increased usage by young persons. Opponents have also raised alarm on the federal trial of the users. They fear the effects that such a legalization will have on the tourism sector of the state.

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Failure to legalize the drug curtails one’s right provided for in the first amendment. The federal government should protect this right. Proposers of the debate for legalizing marijuana say that marijuana is the least harmful of all drugs. Other reasons given for legalizing marijuana are as follows. Marijuana is not addictive if legalized fewer minors would be consuming cannabis. Marijuana is not a narcotic; it cures and prevents such diseases as Alzheimer’s and Glaucoma. It does not lead to cancer. If legalized, marijuana can be taxed and give a lot of dollars annually, which will help the state to pay off its debts.

Legalizing marijuana does not make it right. Most people support legalization because they think that the move will improve the economy, lower crime rates, and assist in medical purposes. This argument is pointless because the critical analysis of it the opposite is true. Legalizing marijuana only makes people lazy because they spend a lot of time consuming it, and this will retard economy. The crime rate will also increase instead because people cannot work. The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is criticized because another alternative can be used instead. Marijuana is more dangerous to human bodies than alcohol and cigarettes. It impairs judgment and damages health. It also has irreversible effects to respiratory systems and brain. Only those who are already addicted to marijuana are arguing for its legalization.

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Marijuana causes death. In Europe alone, more than 100,000 people have died from the use of marijuana so far (Hopfer 221). Every year across the world, approximately 5 million premature deaths occur (Hopfer 412). The use of marijuana has also contributed to a number of death accidents. In the process, a lot of money is spent dealing with drunk drivers. Instead of improving the economy as argued this money just go into waste. Therefore, to argue that authorization of marijuana has economic benefits is baseless; instead, it will cause more harm than good.

Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) promotes marijuana legalization through a well-established market for cannabis production and distribution (Cerda et al. 24). Their aim is to create change on the state and federal levels through continuing legislative efforts and by profiling ballot initiative in the emerging election cycles. Stakeholders, on their part, have diversifying views about legalization of marijuana. Thus, recreational users argue that marijuana is a plant and not a drug. They are of the opinion that substances such as alcohol and cigarettes kill more than marijuana does annually; yet, they are legal. Their support of the move to authorization is mainly based on their interest as users.

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Councils for substance abuse maintain that only a small substance in marijuana is good for health. They urge people not to depend on anything for survival. Their interest is to discourage people from using marijuana that is not only proven dangerous to health, but also causes death. Drug companies, on the other hand, are of the view that not everybody who uses drugs ends up developing addiction, but those who become addicts have a brain disorder or have genetical imbalance. Their interest is to protect their market. Legal stakeholders consider the effects of the law on how people view marijuana. According to them, marijuana is an abused and it dangerous drug. If such a drug is legalized, the age of the persons who should access it becomes paramount. Farmers contend that marijuana is an additional crop that should be focused on and diversified in order to increase their economic potential. Medical users claim that it helps to reduce pain and increase craving in patients diagnosed of cancer and AIDS. It lets people who are terminally ill die without much pain and suffering. They maintain that marijuana has been in use for medicinal purposes for many uses to treat nausea and asthma (Cedar et al. 25).

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Records of the National Institute of Drug Abuse indicate that scientist have established that marijuana poses many undesirable effects on the daily users’ life (Pacula et al. 1022). It decreases motivation, and decreased motivation leads to lowering of work and school performance. It can also have adverse effect on one’s social life and perceptive abilities. The use of drugs also makes the addicts lose jobs as they frequently miss attending their work place. Marijuana contributes to delinquent behavior and poor relationship with the parent for those in schools and colleges. According to recent studies, marijuana is linked to increasing crime rate. Crimes such as rape, homicide, and assault are perpetrated by users of Marijuana.

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