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Week 4 Assignment 1 Nursing Research


In the current assignment, the evidences collected for the proposed study are reviewed regarding the theories that have been used and how they support the findings presented in the students’ posts. Areas of similarities are considered and then, a conceptual map is constructed to highlight the similarities. It will help identify the framework that is supporting the study and also considered critical towards achieving its objective.

Review of evidence Collected for the Proposed Study, the Theories that have been Cited by Others and the Common between the Theories and the Postings

Learning disability is regarded as a general category of special education that consists of disabilities in listening, speaking, reading, comprehension, writing, mathematic calculation, as well as mathematic reasoning. Such types of learning disabilities often co-occur with one another, and with social skills deficits, as well as behavioral or emotional disorders. From the review of the evidences that have been collected for the proposed study, there are other theories which provide a common theme. First, there is a cognitive theory developed by Aaron Beck, which can be used to explain learning disabilities. The cognitive learning theory explains how the brain processes network of information and interpretation of things in the learning process. The theory implies that the different processes of leaning are explained by analyzing mental activities, and it considers three variables, namely environmental, behavioral, and personal factors.

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The cognitive theory includes several concepts that manifest both in children and adults. The concepts include observational learning, reproduction, self-efficacy, emotional coping, and self-regulatory capacity. It is notable that learning disabilities originate from unique cognitive mechanisms. For instance, reading the fact that disabilities occur due to phonological deficit that prevents normal reading acquisition, while math disability originates from a core deficit in manipulation of quantity. Individuals who lack the concepts of cognitive theory can be said to experience learning disabilities. Evidently, Aaron states that he applied various concepts to develop his theory, which additionally supports the posts of some of the classmates. For instance, in one of the posts, it is indicated that certain researchers suggest that the concepts are combined into a theory, while others have argued that multiple theories are taken to form conceptual framework. In general, there is a common theme between Aaron’s theory and the feedback postings from the classmates, who found research evidence indicating that many concepts were used to develop a theory. However, the general agreement between the researchers holding different views on theoretical and conceptual frameworks still plays a role of interpretation of the situation when concepts are organized and interrelated enough to form theories. It is considered to be a very important factor. Nevertheless, the way a theory or a concept has been used to support the study is much more important.

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Similarly, the postings highlight the need to ensure that the frameworks used allow the smooth development of the design, research questions, study purpose, literature review, and complement theoretical framework for operationalization of the study. From the argument, it becomes important for me to realize that the frameworks are crucial in ensuring that the proposed research project proceeds coherently and achieves its intended objective in the end.

Secondly, there is a learning disability theory that is presented as a set of scientific statements about reality. It asserts that the world seems to exist in a certain way and not the other one (Gallagher, 2010). The theory appears to have grown from the concept that learning disability is a real condition that has real causes, as well as effects. Thus, certain attributes of particular people are the signs or symptoms of learning disability and they occur due to a disorder in critical thought processes that result from neurological malfunction. The supporters of the theory stressed the need to create the construction of reality that is entrenched in learning disability (Gallagher, 2010). In their work, learning disability theorists managed to propose alternative criteria, as well as models for revealing the true nature of condition. Evidently, the general similarity with the classmates’ posts emerges again. The similarity is that from the theory of learning disability, various concepts have been developed. They include double deficit criteria, neuropsychological assessment, phonological processes, assessment of cognitive processing, bayesian procedures, failure to respond to treatment, and operational interpretation (Gallagher, 2010). It is worth noting that cognitive process was previously considered as a theory from where various concepts were developed. Anyway, from the theory of learning disability, it is considered as a concept. Therefore, it seems true that both theoretical and conceptual frameworks can be used interchangeably as had been presented in one of the classmate’s posts.

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Conceptual Map and Relational Statements

A conceptual map is a graphical tool that is used to organize and represent knowledge. The maps usually include concepts that are enclosed in boxes or circles, and the relationships between the concepts are shown by a factor that links two concepts. Linking phrases or linking words often specify the relationships between the concepts. The concept map below is used to highlight the study areas of the proposed research (people with learning disabilities).                                   

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On the one hand, the conceptual map shows that cognitive assessment is considered as a theory of learning disability. Nevertheless, on the other hand, it is considered as a concept in the learning disability theory highlighted by Gallagher. However, both of them contribute to understanding the research topic. Both observational and phonological processes are concepts that are closely linked in learning.


The assignment has provided an opportunity to learn more about theoretical and conceptual frameworks. Through the class posts, it has become evident that the greatest attention should be paid to the proper application of concepts and theories but not to their differences. The conceptual map can be used to easily identify areas of similarities or commonness between different theories.

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