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Research and Research Process

Research is an act of conducting a deliberate and systematic process to discover new information, data or understanding of the particular issues and relationship between them. Through researches it is possible to provide new and advanced knowledge regarding diverse contentions or inquiries. Consequently, results obtained from the research activities can then be utilized to solve problems, establish a number of innovations or extend the existing amount of statistics. The current paper considers and analyzes the notion of Research and Research process as well as divides the latter into several distinct stages reviewing each of it.

Conducting a particular study is a vital in the elaboration and maintenance of every aspect of life and society within it. As a matter of fact, there are various rules and regulations stipulated that act as guidelines to realizing the divergent types of researches. Significantly, ethics details a multitude of regulations controlling the implementation of the research thus ensuring the protection of people as well as of integrity. However, ethics in the clinical researches and those involving human subjects differ from the ones applied in other research kinds. To clarify, ethics is an inevitable part of any study verifying that all the activities are organized in a manner that is respectful towards the rights of the individuals and are directed at the society being exceptionally safe.

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Namely, research can be conducted on the scientific, academic, or social basis. Developing research relying on all these sectors is normally meant to present a better option or strategy for the current statuses. Specifically, scientific research aims at providing the evidence-based inquisitions transforming a referable information into a hypothesis or the posed questions. The fact that scientific research is evidence-based implies that it illustrates a picture of the existent conditions. Actually, scientific research should contribute to a cumulative body and the researchers are usually required to be professionally qualified in the specific field the study is focused on. Talking about social research, it assists in understanding the demographic and social aspects of society. This form of information can then be used in a substantial number of social development factors and marketing and state budgetary planning. Academic research, in its turn, encompasses all the types of research activities as long as they are performed in accordance to the paramount purpose of the academic process. Notably, during academic research inquests regarding the subjects and contrasting perspectives are sought to confirm or disprove a distinct hypothesis and, subsequently, reach certain conclusions. In most cases, they are derived for the academic purposes albeit like all the other researches they can still be used as a reference and the comparative materials for further investigations.

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Similarly to any other operation, there is a perplexed process relating to research. Its perception is essential for being utilized as a management tool. The research process assures that the procedure of conducting the research is able to flow efficiently without any hurdles since there are varying activities and ethical issues at each step, but they only make the next one possible and eventually result in success. The research process incorporates nine stages of evolving of the terms of reference. To enumerate, they entail environmental appraisals, setting the mission and goals of the research, consideration of the options, development of a strategy, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and giving feedback. Therefore, developing the terms of reference involves detailing the peculiar methods that are to be followed as well as the various guidelines limiting the research. This distinguishes the major purpose of the research, different references, and ethical considerations to be applied while setting each phase and all the materials or components connected with it.

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In the environmental appraisal stage of the research process, the study is given an environmental and societal impact assessment. It consists of an assembly of the legal regulations governing the research and the miscellaneous aspects to be adhered to guaranteeing that the research is conducted in a sustainable manner. Hence, it applies the components of the sustainable advancement.

Following that, the mission, goals, and objectives are established. Markedly, this involves defining what the main aim of the research is and what short term objectives need to be achieved to attain the predominant target. Furthermore, it creates a benchmark and the guidelines through which the research can self monitor to ensure it is on the right track.

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It goes without saying that conducting research can be managed through the use of the different methodologies and tools. Nonetheless, they are most effective for the multifarious researches depending on their types and the sort of data or information being sought. As such, being able to match the research type to the options available is a crucial stage of the research process.

The development of a strategy demands observing the inception of the research until its actual implementation. Thereupon, the strategy outlines how the research is to be activated from the beginning to the end. Moreover, it describes various consequential considerations and all the aspects of planning in terms of resources, time, and budget. Once the strategy is established, the research can then be implemented which incorporates conducting the activities in relation to the initiated scheme that is also guarded by the pivotal purposes.

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Monitoring and evaluation is the sixth step in the process but it is an integral part of the whole system. Monitoring and evaluation assesses how the research was conducted and which progress was achieved. Accordingly, it is possible to discover shortcomings and risks that can be fixed as the study continues. Indeed, monitoring and evaluation stage at the end of the research is meant to check the outcome of the finished research in comparison to the earlier set objectives and strategies. Besides, it also provides an analytical report on how the research was realized, its intended goals and to what extent they were reached. Henceforth, once this information is registered, a feedback can be expressed on whether the research was productive and valuable enough.

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