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Nowadays, people have many opportunities to travel around the world, even without leaving home. On the Internet, there are thousands of websites offering a glance at life abroad. Moreover, there are blogs, applications for smartphones and tablet computers, created to open the world to an average citizen. This essay aims to review two popular restaurants on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. In this area, a person can find a restaurant or a café to one’s liking. For this review, I have chosen two the most popular and favorite restaurants among the Australians and tourists: Marina Mirage and Deja View.


Marina Mirage is located at 74 Seaworld Drive, the Main Beach. The restaurant has an outlet to the beach. The peculiarity of the restaurant is that it is situated in Marina Mirage shopping center. Hence, the cuisine should be diverse. This place is so popular also because of its location. Marina Mirage is located not far from the Sea World resort center and the Surfers Paradise.

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Deja View allures the public at 22 View Avenue. It is located not far from the Outrigger Surfers Paradise. The restaurant is also not far from the beach. As well as Marina Mirage, Deja View restaurant has the beach presence. The peculiarity of the restaurant is that among its regular visitors there are many young people, who usually have fun in the Outrigger Surfers Paradise.


In my opinion, Marina Mirage is not a unique name for a restaurant. The point is that the restaurant is located in the Marina Mirage shopping center. Calling the restaurant the same name as the store center is not a good idea. The point is that an exquisite eating place should have an easy-to-remember name to attract customers. In this case, the name is easy-to-remember. However, most of the customers are likely to remember not the restaurant but the store center.

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On the other hand, there is Deja View restaurant. There is a French expression déjà vu, which means something that a person has seen somewhere and sometime. The restaurant is located at View Avenue. The name of the avenue is similar to the French word vu. The creators of the restaurant played with the words and made a truly authentic and unique name.


Marina Mirage is one of the restaurants where rich people have their lunches or dinners. When an average citizen comes into the restaurant, he or she has the right feeling that everything is too expensive there. Wooden tables, stools and floor make the restaurant dull and small. The atmosphere makes one feel depressed. The point is that dark wood in the restaurant makes an ordinary person feel uncomfortable. This attraction for gourmets resembles all the opium dens that existed in the last century. It is dark, and every moment it seems the police or the mafia may come.

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On the contrary, there is Deja View restaurant. This place resembles all those “green” ecologically pure restaurants. It makes one feel safe there. The interior is light since the main colors are beige and white. Unlike Marina Mirage, Deja View makes one feel like home. A visitor does not need much money to dine there. The atmosphere is friendly.


Both restaurants have diverse cuisine. Marina Mirage offers Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Australian cuisine, as well as seafood, fusion, pizza and steak menus. Obviously, its clients may find something to their liking. Wine bar is also good at this place.

Cuisine at Deja View restaurant is not as diverse as in Marina Mirage. However, the peculiarity of the Deja View cuisine is that it offers different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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The service is of the highest quality in both restaurants. Waitresses and waiters are polite and ready to help. At Marina Mirage, every waiter can help a client choose wine for one or another dish. Besides, they can always give an advice on dishes.

At Deja View, waiters are young and ready to help. However, they sometimes cannot give an advice on wine or another beverage. On the other hand, they do not try to offer you a dish you do not want to have. In Marina Mirage, some waiters offered me “the dish of the day”, which I did not want to try. It annoyed me.


In my opinion, Marina Mirage restaurant is not unique. The point is that there are hundreds of such restaurants not only in Australia, but also all over the world. As I have already mentioned, it seems that the restaurant is for rich people. The only peculiarity of the restaurant is that one may have dinner and watch the yacht standing outside.

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Deja View, unlike Marina Mirage, is an authentic restaurant with its style. First, its name is unique since the creators played with words. The second peculiarity I would like to outline is that one may book a table, see the menu and have a virtual tour of the restaurant online. This peculiarity is rather convenient, especially for those who do not have time to call the restaurant.


According to the review of two restaurants, my opinion is that if you want to have tasty meals and spend a good time, you should visit Deja View. The peculiarity of the restaurant is that you will have a magnificent beach view. Besides, if you do not have much time, you can book a table online.

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