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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to a branch of computer science whose aim is to create a machine that can perform functions analogous to functions that a human mind performs, such as understanding language, learning, solving problems, making decisions, and recognizing pictures and sounds (Russell, 2010). It consists of a variety of tools, such as mathematical optimization, techniques based on economics and probability, logic, just to mention a few. Artificial intelligence is applicable in a number of fields, which include medical diagnosis, robot control, scientific discovery, toys, and business (Russell, 2010). This discussion considers various artificial intelligence systems applicable in business and the roles each one of them play.

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Various artificial intelligence systems, such as an expert system, genetic algorithms, and artificial neural networks have been useful in the field of business. An expert system is a significant artificial intelligence system that imitates human behavior to solve various problems in business (Stair & Reynolds, 2010). This system contains theoretically integrated knowledge from multiple experts. An expert system is suitable for businesses because it is less vulnerable to mistakes and inconsistencies than is cases with human beings (Stair & Reynolds, 2010). Another artificial system that is useful in business is the genetic algorithms. Genetic algorithms are significant in business problem-solving as they use repetitive and competitive approaches (Wang, 2010). This system has gained ground in the business world, especially in decision making, business intelligence, and profit optimization. Artificial neural networks are useful in business because they assist in business forecasting, arriving at conclusions, and identifying patterns (Wang, 2010). This system helps in a risk assessment, like fraud detection.

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Therefore, artificial intelligence has been extremely useful in the field of business by facilitating accuracy and reliability (Russell, 2010). It is evident that expert system, genetic algorithms, and artificial neural networks are some of the artificial intelligence systems that have continued to help organizations achieve their goals. Artificial intelligence systems have facilitated decision making, business forecasting, and risk management (Wang, 2010).

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